Mignon Clyburn at the FCC on net neutrality - full dissenting argument

in #news6 years ago

Time after time internet neutrality is trying to be killed by corporations for profit. Luckily we still have few people high enough not to sell their vote for merely pennies and actually represent the people like they're supposed to. Take a note of the laughing in the end. Don't be fooled, internet is powerful tool. It allows people to discuss freely and share ideas and start movements. Shackling it would be a great loss for humanity at whole. Just imagine the effects over decades and centuries. This is a fight we just have to repeat over and over again it seems unless something is done to put stop to this for good.

Do you want to go back to the darkness, void of freely propagating information? What you get is feeded to you by gatekeepers. You get to hear just the right words and sides of the story. Everything will be good and dandy, only one boogeyman to chase. One after another. Two parties to choose from. Next day to make a change.

Stay vigilant.