Trump’s Hypocritical Idlib Stance: Condemns Syria’s Defeat of Terrorism & Supports Turkey’s Defense of al-Qaeda Terrorists

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The anti-Syrian western propaganda war continues to rage on, with President Donald Trump now also joining the fray, as he demanded Russia stop backing Syria’s ‘atrocities’ against the al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib in a call with Turkish President Erdogan in which he voiced his support for Turkey’s (failing) military effort to protect the Idlib terrorists.

Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump has called for Russia to end its support for the Syrian regime's "atrocities" as he expressed US concern over violence in the Idlib region, the White House said Sunday.

The President “expressed concern over the violence in Idlib,” which is being directed towards the tens of thousands of radical al-Qaeda terrorists who have been brutally occupying the province since 2015, but of course the imperial media wants you thinking that the ‘Russian Death Machine’ and ‘evil Assad’ are intentionally committing as many atrocities against Syrian civilians as they possibly can before they fully liberate Idlib.

In a call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump "expressed concern over the violence in Idlib, Syria and... conveyed the United States' desire to see an end to Russia's support for the Assad regime's atrocities."

Of course Trump isn’t truly concerned about the violence in Idlib, as the US military under his direction is dropping more bombs in the region than any previous administration, nor does Trump ever “express concern” when his own military’s drone strikes targeting ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in the region continuously kill innocent civilians. He conveniently never seems to “express concern” about the al-Qaeda terrorist war on Syrian civilians any time they carry out their near-continuous and often deadly shelling of Aleppo neighborhoods.

Trump doesn’t “express concern” over the fact that US weapons continue to be found in the hands of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, and he in fact cheers Israel’s continuous blatant violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty as it continues to strike Syria time and time again, without provocation, killing dozens of fighters who are actively engaged in fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda, ‘America’s #1 enemy’.

But the President must “express concern” when Syria is on the verge of fully defeating the western-backed terrorists in Idlib, revealing once again the open support the US is willing to give to al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists when these terrorists stand on the verge of total destruction.

Of course Trump’s demand that Russia stop backing Syria’s liberation of Idlib from the NATO- and Israeli-armed Jihadists has nothing to do with concern for the lives and safety of Syrian civilians, but rather everything to do with protecting these same US-backed terrorists in a desperate attempt to stop their imminent total defeat.

This absurd request will of course fall on deaf ears, and is surely meant more to serve as moral support for Turkey as it continues sacrificing more and more of its own military in a fruitless effort to stop the Syrian advance, than as a request the US actually expects Moscow to take seriously.

In any event, when Trump jumps aboard the propaganda bandwagon, it’s a good sign the propaganda war is in full swing. And as none of the diplomatic western pressure has slowed, let alone stopped the fast-moving Syrian advance, even when combined with a strong Turkish military effort, this means the poor terrorists in Idlib are at the end of their rope, and don’t have much time left before their complete destruction.

This in turn means a staged chemical attack by the White Helmets is becoming increasingly likely, especially considering that locals recently warned they had witnessed the militants making preparations to stage just such a false flag in the Aleppo area exactly where the Syrian Army is currently aiming the majority of its

I discuss this and all the latest developments in the ongoing liberation of Idlib in this video, which includes a Press TV interview with a knowledgeable professor of history out of San Bernardino, California, who summarizes the meaning and implications of this latest news quite well.

The imploding western propaganda narrative is further destroyed by independent journalists who themselves have been to Syria and in the case of Vanessa Beeley are currently in Syria as these events unfold.

Vanessa Beeley interview on The Last American Vagabond:

Max Blumenthal and Anya Parampil report from Syria on Moderate Rebels:


If the USA and Israel weren't helping ISIS and Al-Qaeda, Syria would have defeated them years ago. These guys are disgusting hypocrites.

No es extraño ese comportamiento de ese señor , si es que se le puede llamar señor todo lo que piensa es para perjudicar mentir, invadir y destruir.

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