But can it be used to kill imaginary bugs?

Could be time to ban it...oh wait...

Actually if we really want to get honest it is thcv that is an antibiotic antiviral and antifungal.

Honestly enough it is these Trace chemicals that are causing these health benefits. we definitely need more research into exactly which ones of them are highly important and start isolating and treating individuals with natural compounds.

CBD only works for certain individuals and I am not going to say it doesn't help because for certain people and specially people living in prohibition areas it is their only relief and access...

However for me and other people CBD doesn't really have the medical benefits that full spectrum cannabis oils are proven to have for decades now.

And it's not just a small health benefit that CBD gives you it is a huge health benefit when you are talking about full spectrum cannabis oil..

Again we just need more research and to isolate these organic compounds for more health.