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RE: The Weekly Bro.

in #news7 months ago

Hey guys, pardon my ignorance...Just curious about the Hive payouts from holding Bro.

I was receiving them daily up until about a week ago and then nothing. Is there something I should be reading to find out more about how it all works?

Apologies in advance for the lack of knowing how it all pays out, etc...


Hey @jongolson - we stopped hive payments a week or so ago. You now get more dividends via Hive engine. If you look at your payouts you should see a little bit more in hive equivalent if you were to exchange the coins.

Thanks for the reply :)

Where should I be looking for the dividend payments? I just bought BRO and was stacking them, never sold.

If you go here: << hive engine explorer, you should see your micro payouts like such :)

Wow, that is pretty cool!

So let me get this straight...You invest in BRO, you basically get dividends from all the other top tribe tokens?

Pretty much, yup :)