Crypto Fear and Greed Index: Dec 20, 2019

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Crypto Fear & Greed Index on Dec 20, 2019

Hi Friends,

Now the index is 23 and referring to Extreme Fear and the price of bitcoin is 7173 USD
This is Crypto Fear and Greed Index which shows the mental behaviour of the markets.
In General, if the index is below 30 then the people are in Extreme fear where the markets are falling.
When the index is between 30 and 50 mostly the trade is sideways.
On a contrary when the index is between 50 and 70 there is some confidence in the market.
When the index is above 70 it represents extreme greed in the market.
This happens when there is continuous rise in the markets.

But when there is Extreme fear in the market it has been the best time to invest in the markets.
On the other hand when there is extreme greed it has been the best time to sell the assets.

The above mentioned points are for information purpose.
Please do your own research before investing in financial markets.

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