True but what if your normal is shopping at 9pm, but the shops all close at 7pm to flatten the curve, or at least that's what they said at first. What if your normal is family picnics, but that has been made illegal? What if your normal is to buy and sell items at a market, but the market is closed and everybody is told to buy online? We can say it doesn't affect us, and we can do our best to not let it change us, but part of the equation is the powers that be use force and threats of force, backed up by the entire might of the state.

My statement is metaphorical. They can ban the whole f'*"§% planet if they want to, but they cannot ban my attitude. My head, my thoughts! You seem to have fear, that they can take something away from you..? Then they have you EXACTLY where they want you to be: IN FEAR!

Sounds like you have your eyes covered and ears plugged, though. You've been put in a cage and you've reacted by claiming they can't take your attitude. You can say you decide when your normal returns, but you don't, they do, and they've announced it aint happening. It's not fear to acknowledge reality :)

“My home is in my head”–Bob Marley ;)