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RE: VICE Reports on my YouTube Ban - People Are Running to Decentralized Platforms like Steemit

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Thanks @stevecronin for the awesome post!... I honestly don't pay attention to Vice anymore since I've noticed how left they went, but I am at least grateful for this coverage... It's really a greater positive than negative. YouTube is the past and is self-immolating... While Steemit is still an infant, it's the future ;) The truth's they gotta get rid of your channel and similar ones but they won't remove any of the pharmaceutical or drug ads will they?...

More than half the ad is side effects but what you're doing is more harmful to the YouTube community, for sure!


Thank YOU for reading! I do know what you mean about VICE and the left, however this is the 3rd time they've reported on my work and I've always had great experiences with them (one even in a podcast.) The pharma aspect is certainly an interesting theory. Scary. Oh well... at least I have a new home :)