Russia And US Prepare For War In Syria

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Tensions continue to rise as the war drums for Syria beat louder and louder and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how if the US intervenes any further, sending in ground troops and attacking Syrian military bases — the result could be a direct war with Russia, and perhaps even China.


Just a tip.

For greater exposure, if you transcript your videos and post them along with the video, you'll get a lot more hits for your steemit posts.

Google loves text, and text searches work well if you have a large body of text. Video is great for visual aids. I just think that steemit posts with a video containing the worded transcript would double the effort for exposure.

Often people too, will browse the full transcript text by scrolling and reading excerpts, and then when they do, they will often then scroll back up and hit play.

Yes, that's what I do when I post videos. I pull out some of the important text and highlight it, then link to the video. I always like to see some text in a steemit article so that I can tell whether I really might be interested in the video or not before I click.

That's good. I'm suggesting the full text in this particular video (which is only 7 minutes) it should have been about 8 paragraphs, but that gives lots of related keywords for Google to see context. Plus it gives speed-reading scrollers (like myself) to jump up, down, through the text and then hit play.

I hate reading a teaser of text, then having to hit play, to see if the teaser has any substance to it. I normally avoid pushing play if all I get is a teaser in text.

teaser = clickbait.
often as not earns a mute.

I rarely watch videos.
I'm in it for the text.

I've yet to watch a video on steemit.
I'm usually on my mobile, on the tram
A: I don't want to chew through my data
B: I don't want to add to the noise on the tram or miss a key point in the audio.

Of Course
People Prepare
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