"God of Cahos" and astroid to pass near Earth.

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No one can say for how long we gonna exist in universe, life is fragile.
Why i am saying this, because Nasa has predicted that an astroid called apophis which means "God of Chaos" is likely to fly past out planet Earth within a range of 19000 miles, even lesser than the distance at which some spacecrafts are orbiting earth. This event is likely to happen in 2029 exactly 10 years from now.

According to Nasa this astriod will look like some shooting star and will be visible from naked eyes.

This astriod was first spotted in 2004.

Proper precautions is also being planned just in case anything goes wrong. As if anything goes wrong humanity will be washed away in a snap of thanos.

Be ready with your backpack and jetpack.

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