State of the Sndbox - Week 29 [Crypto-Landmarking, Steem for Students and Music on the Blockchain]

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This Week in the Sndbox

Welcome to the 29th State of the Sndbox newsletter! This past week, we dove into @dtube to explore different use-cases for students using Steem, some fun and exciting benefits of crypto-landmarking, and we also published a follow up discussion on blockchain as a jump-starter for the digital renaissance. Last but not least, we shared @heymattsokol’s project A Muscian’s Guide to Steemit!

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A Musician’s Guide to Steemit

Spearheaded by @heymattsokol, The Musician’s Guide to Steemit explains how to be a part of the Steemit music community in a productive and healthy way. The end product is a free ebook that will be assembled and edited by dozens of Steemians. Another great use for this guide is as a marketing tool that will encourage people to join Steem. So, it is a great manual and a marketing tool all in one!

Would you like to take part in a great project and EARN some STEEM in the process? @heymattsokol just announced a handful of lucrative steem gigs that you can apply for, learn more here and through the list below.

(1) Job One: Cover Artist
(2) Job Two: Internal Graphics Artist
(3) Job Three: Editor
(4) Job Four: Book Layout Designer (TBD - I'm in talks with someone about this)
(5) Job Five: Community Liaison
(6) Job Six: Growth Hacker / Marketer

Steem for Students and Non-Profit Empowerment

A couple of weeks ago @sndbox was in Philadelphia for a Steemit workshop at Temple University. Our incubator has been busy on-boarding graduate students who are currently using Steemit as sounding board for their historical research. Each student is currently brainstorming the ways in which Steem could be used to empower local Non-profits in Philadelphia. Much of the discussion also revolves around the idea of onboarding established institutions into the Steem ecosystem. How those strategies play out will be part of the crypto-exploration this Spring Semester. We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation and seeking new ways to empower cultural assets that are otherwise overlooked.

Watch our @dtube conversation here. Also, make sure to follow @phillyhistory as the course develops! Here’s their latest post that gets into the pros and cons (and concerns) of integrating cryptocurrencies with non-profit preservation.

Our DTube Animation Contest Winners!

We recently concluded our very 1st competition round for The Sndbox’s DTube channel! All Steemians were invited to compete for voting prizes and the winner would have their submission used as the intro of our videos for the next few months! A big congraulations to @leotrap for first place. An elegant (and close) second place to @zemluke, with creative shoutouts to @wilmarnm, @wanaf and @jimdraw. Thanks to the dozens of submissions and creative Steemains out there.

Steem-Powered Projects and Crypto-Landmarks

Big picture ideas need a handful of big pictures to with them! Perhaps we’re all too literal, but we’re also designers and like making things. So earlier this week, we talked invisible resources (like cryptocurrencies) needing physical footprints. Imagine a future where cryptocurrency is embedded into the physical world and landmarks around us. How would like look?

Watch the full @dtube conversation here.

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It's great to have watched @sndbox grow and thrive and morph and become something amazing over these past many months. This is truly the most encouraging and productive initiative on Steemit... so much more than just the many "mutual backscratching guilds" we see everywhere. It's great to see all these forms of creativity thrive in our community!

That means a lot coming from you @denmarkguy! That's very generous of you to say. Steem really incentivizes constant reinvention and growth. Something we strive for! We're fortunate to have such a strong community of supporters and players involved. Steem, after all, is a big creative and collaborative team effort.

There's a lot in the pipeline coming over the next 2 weeks that we're pretty excited about. Stay tuned for more ;)

Will do, for sure. Our @reddragonfly gallery is taking on various challenges and has been helped a LOT by the @sndbox affiliation; excited about the continuation/graduation into @sndbox-alpha and the possibilities that will bring.


I have been following your great work @sndbox and I really wish to be part of your team. Keep up the great work

Thanks so much for your support @menoski! :D

Legend @sndbox
I am @yusril-xabre
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Yes, I knew that cover image would make it!

Such a cool concept, right? Kudos to the mastermind - @ngfx :D

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interesting information @sndbox

Thus is a huge initiative that's worth every support and encouragement.

Thanks for this great post @sndbox.

Steemit already reach many people, almost everyone in the place I have an account steemit, this was a very quick development,

This is awesome. I’m an artist and creative consultant who works with a lot of nonprofits (theatres, creative placemaking, environmental conservation) you name it. I jumped on steemit because I want to see how the platform can be used for my sector (and individual artists, too). In particular, I think the site has extraordinary potential to be the next level in peer-led crowdsourced fundraising. I’m really interested in getting involved with anyone doing this kind of work. Any opportunities to talk more are most welcome (it’s why I’m here!). Followed to get the updates and see you around! @lilyraabe

Hello friend it is very nice to see all these wonderful creativity thrive in our community! GOD BLESS YOU AND FOLLOW YOU FILLING WITH SUCCESS

Thank you for the post ! You always make good posts . Hope one day I will be as good as you are . Can u give me some advice? I’m new here :(

This is what I call good news

I have been following your work since i knew about you, people. Thank you very much for bringing crypto and the art world together. You rock!

Amazing initiatives! Looking fwd to being a part of it all soon!

empowering youngsters, providing learning and training, Steemit will be really beneficial.,

You people have been a lot of encouragement to all great steemians, i believe this vibe will continue and more will be explored.