Introducing SteemBet - the Next-generation Steem-based Gaming Platform

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Dear Steem community,

We're thrilled to introduce to you SteemBet, the next-generation Steem-based gamging platform!

What is SteemBet?

SteemBet is the next-generation Steem-based gaming platform. We're an experience gaming company with millions of users and are working on migrating our games to the Steem platform. We let our users earn SBT (SteemBet Token) while playing games and use part of our profits to buy back SBT on a regular basis.

We're very excited to build the largest blockchain-based gaming platform, and we're very happy to work with the Steem community to achieve this!

How to Earn SBT (SteemBet Token)

Every time you play a SteemBet game, we will reward you with SBT based on the amount you play with. The more you play, the more you earn!

SteemBet Token Buy Back

Every month, we will use part of our profit to buy back SBT from token holders. This makes sure our users can benefit from playing SteemBet.

We will also make sure the buy back price is equal to or higher than the mining price (value of STEEM/SBD you have spent on the games divided by the amount of SBT you have eanred).

Earlier the Better

To reward early adopters, the amount of SBT you can earn per STEEM will decrease over time.

Earn SBT Now

Resteem this article and you will get 50 SBT.

In addition to that, you will get 10 extra SBT for every 100 followers you have.

If you have 5137 followers, you will get 563.7 SBT (50 + 5137/10 = 563.7).

You will receive a confirmation message from us within an hour after you have resteemed this post. The confirmation message will look something like this:

It's just the Beginning

We're going to add many more games to SteemBet, and this is just the beginning!

Join Our Discord Channel

There are 4 pages

... and the website address is.... ???

You have to wait until next days after posting this announcement.


I think not!

hahhaha dont be schemed!

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@magicdice is a scam that used an insider who farmed the vast majority of their MAGIC Tokens via an insider deal and reaps over 25% of the daily dividends due to this deal. They are not to be trusted.

Thank you!

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!sbi status

I'm calling b.s. on this....the discord makes no sense and there is zero stuff to back this up and if it isn't a scam then many would be so happy to see this "website that will be published in 7 days"

I'm taking bets on the over/under of 7 days for this to be launched and will put 10 Steem on the over.

I’ll try to remember to check back in a week, but this clearly seems like a ploy to get resteems and upvotes.

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They are for sure on a scam, mostly the devs from eoseven!

Another red flag: not announcing the total supply of SBT.

funny how fast some whales just resteemed with glaring red flags but def. not surprised

Maybe I resteemed for you to notice the red flags.

did you do a Yoda move? those are the best ;)

This looks like one of the EOS clones. Some of them were scams. Not saying this is. But beware. Think will this make you money? In the beginning people mine a lot so they can stake and earn dividends. What happens when mining is no longer profitable and there are no true gamblers on the platform? It dies. Like has happened to all the gambling dapps on EOS and TRON. I have a feeling that some of these projects (not saying this one does that) are taking advantage of Steemians not being aware of what has happened on EOS. We've been through this on EOS the past 5 months. The rise and fall of gambling dapps. There is no adoption to crypto, so...that's what happens.

Also, saying they have millions of users? Where?

Wait, but EOSbet is still around right? I know there were more casino-like dapps last time i checked, but I think the only survivor was EOSbet

Its still around yes, but basically, where will all this end?! There are no new people buying crypto, this is a fact, so it stays in the crypto space only and well, the story ends hahahha..

Myself and eosmastering have witnessed it all since 5 months, and boy its been emotional hahahahahahaha

Adoption and real-world applications will bring more people into cryptos, especially large companies using blockchain daily, which will pump the market 24/7 with fiat money, it will take some years though...I'm expecting 2025-2030 to be the golden age of crypto, people will buy items in games with fiat which will pump the price, people will use supply chains that cost a few cents with every transaction, which will further pump the price, more legislation and adoption will make it so shops and other facilities will use crypto as money, which will further pump the price, people will want to have a scarcer resource than gold, which happens to be bitcoin after 2025, which will further pump the price... It will take some time though... I actually made a post about this topic, ATM we have almost 0 new money and new users coming in, people are trying to pay their bull market loans, and traders and ETH ICOs keep sucking the money out of crypto... If you happen to have time give it a read and tell me ur opinion :)

Need to catch up on my EOS knowledge since I haven't been paying much attention to EOS...

I completely agree that we still have a good 5 years to go yet, until lots of new money starts to arrive. It depends though on how the governments want it to be, if they want to crash the price to 100 usd they mostlikey could in a year or two and fuck everyone who was investing into it in hopes of financial freedoms.

Obviously we can only speculate on the future but I really cant see 51% of the masses waking up within the next decade, enough to stop trusting the governments and their systems and to break away from it. So far for example I am the only person I know of who has never paid for crypto with a bank card, and apparently 95% of crypto is paid for by using a bank.. this to me alone tells me how far away we are from being free.

Basically the masses are just completely controlled in belief and information, and also with a cashless world fast approaching us with no real choice apart from crypto (which the masses just know as 'Bitcoin' that thing used by criminals) then the masses will go with the new bank made centralized currency's instead, and we loose.

The masses with think its great and clever of course, and never know of the ones not made by banks.

Before then anyway, the bank industry will just use the open source and create their own stuff, which will not even be know to most that decentralized blockchains have by then existed already many years hahaha.. ah mate, its just my thoughts of course.

We see already how much Fubar things are done all around us and what they can get away with.. By any chance did you watch the Black Mirror episodes?

I can see the future being divided into people who dont own any BTC and have an implant to recieve government one world currency dependant to live in smartcitys, and then the ones who have btc and shares in other blockchains to be able to trade outside of the citys and live like madmax world!

Happy to have decided to follow you, interesting human! I recommend to follow @eosmastering, but he mainly posts on, he is well into the Eos and has many articles on trybe!

edit: I also believe that the gaming industry will be the first way we can get more adoption, the next gen play these games, the ones who are like 11 years now will mostlikely be the ones who adopt crypto in their 20's

Going to follow u both :) I posted some of my content on trybe, still need to learn how to put images and all of that on trybe... Back when I started there were no guides for so, in order to learn the basics it would require a lot of research, which I didn't have the time for... maybe I should ask @eosmastering for some tips xD

By any chance did you watch the Black Mirror episodes?

Ofc I have xD Love that show!

All the crypto I have was paid via credit card... Back in January I got blocked by my own bank ... they didn't want me to do more transfers to coinbase, so... I got a revolut account and started using revolut as a middleman hahah

I also believe that the gaming industry will be the first way we can get more adoption, the next gen play these games, the ones who are like 11 years now will mostlikely be the ones who adopt crypto in their 20's

Just like it happened with the internet, the people that were dotcom investors in their early 20 are now 40-50 and are gaining lots of money from the 20 years old people using the internet! Blockchain is the next phase, if we invest in it when we get to 40-50 we will be receiving passive income from it! Living the good life!

astute observations there sir

Right. We have millions of users but are asking you to invest without telling you who we are. Seems legit.

Too many red flags in their article. Almost as if they couldn't afford to get an editor. No mention of anything. Just empty promises.

Even i am waiting for it

alguien sabe?


Resteem done

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Sounds great but you have provided very few details.

  • Do you have a website?
  • How do you play?
  • When are you launching?
  • Who is behind this project?
    I am looking forward to hearing more.

254 Resteems and counting. I guess we'll find out more in 6 days :)

The problem aren't the resteems, the problem are the upvotes they got from big accounts... in 7 days they can just grab all the STEEM and cashout, or grab all the STEEM send it to binance convert to monero send it to another account convert it back to STEEM and send it to their real steem account without anyone ever finding out... quick cashgrab without no effort, meanwhile there are people doing their best to get that same STEEM...

I would only upvote this if more info was provided, i won't even resteem, don't trust these guys, it's crypto after all, scammers are all around us!

Not really that many big votes, they bought the post for the most part.

They have a week :)

From my math they got 161 from paid bots, which means they've made 18$ so far, let's see how much they got by the end of this... I hope they have a working product though, STEEM really needs more devs and programmers pushing dapps left and right! Fingers crossed!

They can just retire right away on that 18 $. Common I'm sure you can do better.

True true... I'll give you that one aahahah, still, those 18$ are sometimes a full steemian earnings in 3 weeks of posting (my earnings for example), just saying... And don't tell me you are not at least a tiny bit suspicious of this whole no details given thing, I can't be the only one, I know I'm more suspicious than the average person it's my problem but also a virtue sometimes, especially in this space full of scammers...

I agree, more info please!!


it's our first game demo screenshot.

A screenshot? I can literally go to fiverr and pay 5 bucks to get something similar... this is crypto, the amount of scammers we have in the space makes a fatguy in mcdonald's look good!
A video would be better, and even better would be to have a big STEEM personality checking ur code and checking if the whole thing is legit... I'm not trying to be mean or anything, it's just that more info should have been provided, site, token supply, etc... And the worst part is u guys telling us u got millions of users already without telling us where! That sounds even more scammy!

Resteemed. I’m going to try to find you guys in discord.

Have you found them? Are they legit? Do they have a working product or just a quick cashgrab? Would love to know...

I don't know much. I'm in their discord and following this.

I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about them... first the fact that they say they have a user base of millions, sounds like those indian scammers that say their miracle snake oil drug has cured millions of people. Second the fact that they will only tell the details 7 days after on the post payout. Third, the only "proof" that they have now that they got a product is a screenshot, which anyone can do, just go to fiverr and pay someone to do something similar for 5 bucks... Fourth, they could have very well got someone known on STEEM like u, for example, to check their product out, but nope, most big guys have no knowledge of this... It's just a little suspicious, let's hope I'm wrong though, STEEM really needs more dapps, games, and devs on it...

But on which blockchain will your tokens be? SMT is still being developed and there was not even a test, and you say that the launch will be in seven days

By the way, how is Magic Dice doing this with their tokens? Sounds similar here, even the decreasing of token issuance over time.

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I think I know where they got the idea!

Steembet just wagered good amount so they got this upvote

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This sounds great, hope you'll soon unveil the mistery and open the platform to users.
Welcome and cheers :)

yep. our first game will launch after 7days


"We're an experience gaming company with millions of users and are working on migrating our games to the Steem platform."

Can you tell us a bit more about your company so we can check you out and make sure you are a legitimate enterprise?

I hope you understand that I make this request in good faith.

Wow @steem-bet didn't reply to any of the below comments, that shows a little bit of scam.

there is serious competition for games based on blockchain. If I wanted to invest in it, there are other tokens such as EOS and Tron. I am here for the platform to be able to post blogs without worrying about censorship. Its better to focus on 1 awesome platform than have subpar multiple projects.

where is the platform? it sounds like scam

I sent you some steem so you can power up a bit, and help you transact on here easier.

Thank you so much for your help!

Very cool to see the progress of STEEM-IT! Upvoted!

Resteemed and Upvote
Great job

Greetings @steem-bet

I'm not a big fan of gambling but I'm glad that you have decided to adopt steem network for your project, I hope you have an excellent success within the Steem network.

Enjoy your day, Piotr.

yep. have a good day guy.


Please give as Info about your company!
Where the money is is … !


Will you offer sports betting, as well?

Cool! so excited... 😍

how make my poston of ths work

Que diferencia existe con las demás paginas similares?

Do you have an app to download and install?? Please reply

All the best

I love gambling sites with reward sistem and buyback program :)
Will you burn those tokens that you buyback?

Congratulations @steem-bet! Your post received a small up-vote from @wod-game as little gift.
We are a small group of people who want to create the next big Video game for Steem.
Want to know more about us?
Steem: @wod-game
Discord: Click here!

Have a nice Day!

Resteemed! Isn't there any website yet?

Hi! @steem-bet resteemed, and what about some link to the site?

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Can you tell me more about your company

Oh!!! I can't wait

it's interesting Resteemed.
put a link to your site thank you

the website and game will be put after 7 day

Did a resteem and will put together a post.

Glad to have you all here.

Awesome! Resteem!

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Interested where this is going :)
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I give you a resteem, I like a bet some times, every now and then.

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