Iran wants to be a Nuclear Power

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There was an agremment between US, UK, France, China, Russia, Germany and Iran accroding to which Iran won't exceed a particular limit of Uranium reserve however recently Iran has exceed this limit and now Iran is looking forward to accumulate weapon grade Uranium.

Yes there are diffrent grade of uranium according to its purpose and use like for power plant (electricity production) and nuclear bomb requires different grade of uranium.
Uranium is first mined in the form of ore and then purified according its application. This process also reffered as uranium enrichment. Power plants require an enrichment of around 5% however Iran is processing ore beyond this level upto weapon grade enrichment, which is ofcourse a costilear process.
To be exact Iran wasn't supposed to produce uranium with enrichment level 3.67% until 2031.
In order to be able to build a nuclear bomb Iran need 1050 kg of low enrichment Uranium and then process it to produce 90% enriched uranium weighing around 25 kgs.

So Iran basically need more solidified uranium and a ballastic missile with good enough range and necessary tech and its handling.
Sounds easy although it is not so.


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