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RE: Steem Resolutions - HF22

Great post! And thank you for taking on the challenge! :)

I too miss the days of more regular science writing on Steem. The first suesa-sciencechallenge produced so many cool posts!. Need someone to bring that back again :).

As for 50/50 hurting authors, I'm still hoping that there will be many who will earn more with the EIP than they did before. Mainly because stake should over time find its way back from bidbots to curation projects that then gives those creators a chance to receive votes that was previously never going to them.

Look forward to seeing and upvoting more resolutions posts if this catches on!


Hah, the science challenge was really a long time ago ... I should come up with a new topic!

We will see the effects of the 50/50, sooner or later. I do certainly hope it'll improve things. I'm fine with being proven wrong, that's the way of science after all!