Tiligo Tilingo (Poetry).

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Hello there, hope you're fine.


         Tender surrender in your mouth, sweet little crocodile friend of mine. Others come to enjoy the silence beneath the sarcastic joke.

         Black roses to the revolution of nature on sabbath, ashes lame imp pick up and suck the stroke. Put in and out my petit icon of gardless motion, smile with the barrel pending in a chord.

          Everything is new on my wallet no matter how is coming to the nephew, you have to learn to fight in this world of charcoal without bulbs and sugar blister. Always the wings to the nort, like the king.

         -Bark, bark doggie style- the hours of practice never come back, only the pleasure is the pay to that entrepreneurship, alive in front of a vagina, moist to the nail brick, bag of scorpions.

          In the name of the father, son, and the holy toast, amen. It feels good, relax on demand for furniture people, is a nice rollercoaster of emotions. I love sex and drugs and some other stuff...Rofl.


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