Introducing HashPro — A New Way to Monetize The Digital Economy

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Online casinos have existed for nearly as long as the internet itself, however, they have remained unchanged, especially when it comes to their user onboarding process. The most common way for early online casinos to acquire new users was by offering a joining bonus scheme of some sort that essentially gave the new players free unredeemable credits to test and try the platform.

This was largely changed when crypto-based online casinos started popping up with the advent of Bitcoin. This new breed of online casinos started providing their user base with tangible returns in the form of cryptocurrencies, thus making the on-ramping process more lucrative as well as cost-effective.

In order to distinguish themselves from the traditional casinos which typically used Random Number Generators (RNG) to draw results, newer crypto-casinos instead moved to the provably fair algorithm, which made the reward distribution process for the winning players more transparent.

When BetHash entered the scene earlier this year, they moved the industry another step forward, going beyond the provably fair system by instead basing game results on the practically incorruptible EOS blockchain mainnet. Now, BetHash has released a new online casino designed for the pros, which gives players the power to leverage their existing social networks to generate a stable passive income.

Why Choose HashPro Over Others?

The one sad thing about crypto-based casinos is that most of them focus too much on the security aspect instead of the user experience. This is especially evident when it comes to the quality of the games that are available on most of those sites. With HashPro this is different, they offer some very exciting games that are not only exciting and addictive but are also bug-free and built with strong quality control in terms of coding.

HashPro is also integrated with TokenBridge and this allows players the opportunity to play with a gamut of cryptocurrencies according to their choice. This means that, despite being on the EOS mainnet, players can easily play with Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ether (ETH), Tron (TRX), IOST, or EOS. This gives players the opportunity to benefit from the power of EOS, without needing to worry about CPU!

What is HashPro and How is it different from BethHash?

Chances are that if you are reading this article and learning about HashPro, then you are already aware of BetHash. So let’s differentiate between the two platforms and focus on what makes them different.

BetHash allows players to earn and stake Hash tokens, which gives players the ability to earn a portion of the house edge by playing and inviting friends. On BetHash, players can earn a constant cash flow just through staking, even if they do not play for a while. In a sense, BetHash is designed for the more casual gamer who likes to play crypto-based games occasionally while also getting rewarded in Hash tokens.


HashPro is specifically designed for social butterflies that can help advertise the platform, exposing it to a wider audience while earning heavy rebates of up to 50% of the house edge. They enjoy a deeper level of referral network but miss out on staking or earning Hash Tokens.

Nonetheless, players can still bet with HPoints or Hash tokens that can be acquired through BetHash or could be bought from an exchange, giving the two platforms a sort-of symbiotic relationship.

BetHash and HashPro - Ties that Bind

Despite being designed for two different kinds of audiences, HashPro and BetHash do share one thing in common that gives them an edge over their competitors. The common thread here is the reliance on the EOS blockchain for increased security as opposed to using the antiquated provably fair system.

There are a host of reasons why a provably fair system may not be the most secure system for an online casino. This is why HashPro relies on the EOS mainnet by randomly generated blocked IDs selected from each newly generated block as the basis of game results. BetHash did an excellent job here explaining how this system works.

Unlimited Referral Income Through HashPro

Though many players want to share their games with friends and family, doing so on most platforms provides players with little to no incentives. This flaw has been corrected with HashPro since players can invite up to 100 levels of referral connections within your network.

Every time anyone from your referral network performs certain actions, such as wagering and trading, you will get a percentage from the resulting fees from those actions, generating an unlimited amount of money for the foreseeable future. This works using a ‘highest-level’ first system, which maximizes rebates across the referral chain by rebating based on the level of the highest level player in the referral chain.

This means any referral chain with a level 99 player in it will share 49.5% of the house edge! Depending on the play volume of the players in this chain, this could result in a significant passive income.

Sounds Good, But How Do I Start Earning?


There are 4 simple steps that you need to follow in order to start generating a passive income from your HashPro referral network.

Step 1: The Signup
It only takes a minute to sign up at HashPro and it is the first basic requirement.

Step 2: The HashPro Referral Program
Once registered, head over to the affiliate dashboard in your user control panel to generate your personalized, trackable referral codes.

Step 3: The Tracking
In the referral panel you’ll be able to access all the referral codes you have generated, and track their individual performance to see where your marketing efforts have been most effective.

Step 4: Sit back and Promote
The last step is sometimes mistaken to be the easiest step, but in reality, it is the most crucial. All you have to do here is to make sure your referral code is well marketed to all of your friends, family, and social media followers. Remember, If you do not promote your referral code to other people, no one will ever click on them.

Top Games Available on HashPro

Though HashPro is an excellent resource for earning a passive income, it is still first and foremost a casino. As such, it offers several exciting games to choose from, giving players an excellent way to pass the time or simply take a gamble to win big.

1 Minute Lottery

This is the same 1-minute lottery that is available on The objective of the game is simple, the winning draw is determined from the first 5 EOS block hash ending with a numeric character. Choose how many numbers you want to predict, and multiply your wager! .

Classic Dice Game

The quintessential classic dice that has become a staple in the industry. The rules for the game are simple and straight-forward as usual—predict the outcome of a dice roll, and multiply your bet amount. The game also makes use of the same EOS transaction hashes to determine game results, making the results unequivocally fair.

Race Against Friends

Players can even race against one another based on the total amount they have wagered on the platform, with winners getting the opportunity to win their share of $500 each week, and $5,000 each season!

More to Come

While these are good addictive games to start out with, HashPro is nowhere nearly done adding new and exciting games to the platform, and it will be interesting to see how the platform develops in the future.

Personally, we would like to see if they can add some popular card games to the platform, like Blackjack and Baccarat—I think this could be how HashPro manage to distinguish itself even further from the competition while giving players an excellent way to prove their achievements and further monetize the platform. Which games would you guys like to see added?



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Can you play with Steem?

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No, not at this moment :) But you can play with btc,eth,eos,trx,iost, usdt and hash.


Wow ..... Dice is one of my favorite games. I've played BankerBull and Blackjack at Bethash before. But this is the first time I have heard of the HASHPRO platform, I have a lot of gambler friends, and it will be very profitable to benefit from this reference system !!!!


Nice, very informative article! I will have to go check out HashPro now. 😊

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Race against friends option is really attractive for so many users. This kind of interactive options are parallel with our modern time concepts.


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As far as I'm concerned, Hashpro is a paradise for gamblers with many friends. Reference earnings seem incredibly high. Although I was normally familiar with the dividend awards, I had never come across a system of reference that yielded such high returns.

It certainly looks worth trying!


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