Launching KryptoGamers 2.0 - Much More Prettier, Faster, Robust, and User Friendly

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Kryptogamers is the only Provably Fair gaming platform with the lowest house-edge where you can play 3 of the most popular games exclusively on Steem.

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Kryptogamers 2.0

Introducing KryptoGamers 2.0, a much more prettier, smoother, faster and user friendly upgrade to its previous version.

KG 2.0 has so much more than its predecessor even in terms of backend performance that earlier we decided to call it 3.0. But then, we controlled our excitement and respected the number 2.0.


Starting with a sleek new logo design and an elegant color schema, we have exclusively crafted a brand new card table which features the stunning new deck of playing cards along with the chipset which will give you a much more natural feel while playing blackjack and video poker.

Back End – Much More Robust, Lean and Resource-Efficient

Since our last update, it was a very bumpy ride for us as steem prices kept falling and it became much more difficult to fund our development and sustain our server costs. This led to the lack of communication from our side and we deeply apologize for the communication gap. However with the advent of Steem 2.0 (#newsteem), our batteries were recharged and we were once again very bullish on steem for the long term. As a result, we changed more than 10000 lines of code thereby significantly reducing our server requests, bandwidth consumption and database queries.

Fast forward to today, KryptoGamers 2.0 back end is now running so lean and robust that even if the steem price goes below 5 cents for a while (God Forbid), we would be able to sustain our server costs without any hiccups.


Next Update – NEW GAME…

Currently, we are brain storming the next best game to add to our suite of 3 games. We would request you to tell us which game you would like us to add next in the comment section below. The game which receives the most amount of upvotes and which doesn’t require significant development resources will be the next potential game to be added to the platform.

A big thank you to all our players and supporters. Without your ideas and constant feedback, we wouldn’t be able to make it this far. You guys are truly AWESOME!


This is so exciting, the first time to officially here from developers in several months is very promising. Not to mention, an update with actual value! The new user interface is gorgeous (definitely needed) and streamlining the backend shows you all are here for the long run. These are updated for both the player and the investor so you are firing on all cylinders.

As far as a new game : Hi/Low, Some sort of lottery, or even some sort of hourglass contract could all be very appealing.

Keep up the great work, very exciting times…

daily or weekly powerball style draw!

Ya a Keno type game would be cool

That table image made me look for the announcement of poker. I know it's on their list of things they want to do based on some chats I've had. Once it's there I'll be on playing if we can keep a game going.

I really like the new design. Great job guys!

A game like "Let it ride" would be great!

I agree

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The new graphics are great, but could you maybe also optimize the UI for mobile?

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Awesome graphics. I couldn't resist playing with the Shuffle button for atleast 5 minutes.

"Casino War" Game is what I would love to play next.

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Casino War. Simple, easy, fun.

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Some pvp card game please

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Pai Gow Poker!

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100% manipulation going on here looks to be just another magic dice.

hi @kryptogames

Did you guys give up on posting on Steemit? :(

cheers, Piotr