Downvoted to zero...

in #newsteem3 years ago

...the reason...
Who knows?
At least they should tell me why, shouldn’t they?
This is the first time for me I got downvoted so hardly...
I have been lucky I guess because I thought that there were always a reason why people use this action.
If there is no reason it means that haters are all around so nobody is free of getting downvoted in a irrational way.
Really a pity that we still have these kind of behaviors.


It is so easy to do, create a new account, never do any posts, start down voting without giving a reason or any accountability! Soon everyone will do it, why not.

Downvoting Bots Death of Content Creators

118 votes and one big member downvoting to 0?!? I think it would not take too many of those to exclude some members here. Not good.

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Oh no man...I really hope this doesn't take you away from Steemit...You've given so much to this community. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.