NextColony: Secundus wurde entdeckt

in #nextcolony3 years ago

Nach langer Suche hat sich doch noch ein weiterer Planet gefunden.
Zuerst dachte ich: "Glück gehabt :) ein Rare Planet"
Dann die Ernüchterung "Atmosphere/Rare"
Trotzdem bin ich froh endlich einen Planeten gefunden zu haben ^^
Schönen Sonntag euch allen

LG euer lauchmelder

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    Hallo Nachbar von NextColony, ich besitze das Konto von senstlessmonster und muss die Zeit reduzieren, die ich mit diesem Spiel verbringe. Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn Sie sich für einen meiner Planeten interessieren. Ich weiß, dass ich nur einen Stein von Ihnen habe und sehe, dass Sie immer noch aktiv spielen. Planeten sind
    243, -301
    249, -301
    228, -332
    225, -331
    Senstlessmonster aka Senstless

*Sorry for the google translate
Hello NextColony neighbor, I am own the senstlessmonster account and need to reduce the amount of time I spend playing this game. Let me know if you are interested in any of my planets, I know I have one only 2 tiles away from you and see you are still activly playing. planets are
243, -301
249, -301
228, -332
225, -331
Senstlessmonster aka Senstless

Hallo senstless,
thank you for the offer. I´m very interested of your planets. I don't have much money, but I'll take good care of the planets. How many planets would you like to give me?
Sorry for my bad english but i try my best.
Greetings from germany :)

I am willing to give you 1 planet for free. The one right next to you, if I sold this to another account they would just constantly farm you Alpha planet. I will also send over some explorers and transporters. They take far too long to fly anywhere to sell them. I am open to trades for SBI shares or splinterland/steemonster cards if you have any you don't use.

I took a peak at your account and you should really focus on Corvettes, My planets can produce them once your skill is high enough, 2 - 3 day and they are much faster than a transporter.

Thank you very much :) How many SBI shares or Splinterland cards do you want for 243/-301?
My Corvette Skill is just 4 but i will enhance it now.

I last sold planets a month or so ago for 30 STEEM, but prices may have fallen and might be around 20 STEEM or less. Discord is very slow and most deals are done in PM. I am most interested in SM cards if you don't have interest in the game.

Otherwise SBI sponsor ship is a win-win as we both get upvotes.

How many SBI Shares do you want for the planet?

Yes 25 is ok. I need 7 days for power down, after that u get 18 SBI Shares.
The first 7 SBI Shares u get now.

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