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We have released the initial version of the Battle module on Saturday, 8th of June 2019 and the settlers are making use of their battleships since then. So far, 850 battle missions have been finished - what used to be a friendly peaceful universe is no longer existing anymore.

To prepare you a little better for the fights, we would like to share with you some insights today on how the battle mechanics work in detail.

When you initiate a battle, you can fly in a formation of up to 8 ship variations. Currently, we have 7 ship classes:

  • Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battlecruiser
  • Carrier
  • Dreadnought

For each of the ships, three different ship variations exist:

  • Rocket (free to build for everybody with the relevant skill on level 20)
  • Bullet (a blueprint which is available in the shop is needed for each shipyard that is supposed to build this ship)
  • Laser (not yet launched but players will be able to earn/find blueprints)

So overall, there are 14 (further 7 planned) different variations of battleships plus 2 civil ships (transporter and explorer) as of now.

You can choose 1 battleship variation for every slot in your formation - ships of the same class but a different type cannot be mixed in one slot but can take different slots.

Before going into the details of the battle mechanic, there is one general remark, which may be sufficient to get the idea behind the mechanics for most players:

  • Bullet type ships have an advantage against Armor
  • Laser Type Ships have an advantage against Shield
  • Rocket Type Ships have an advantage against Structure

But lets move a little deeper into the battle mechanics:

The Battle is round based. The first round starts with the attacker ships in the first line. All damage is first done to the first line ships of the opponent - so you can consider this is the tank position.

The amount of damage done depends on the overall attack strength of the attacking ships, which is multiplied with a factor that depends on the attack type (Bullet, Rocket or Laser) and the defense line (Shield, Armor or Structure). The following table shows the multipliers for all possible attack and defense combinations:


The stats of all ships, in each position, are combined to one number. So, if i.e. 10 Corvette Crocus are in one slot, they will do a 20 damage rocket attack to shield (1 x 20). If however, the laser-armed Corvette Pimpernel would attack, it would cause shield damage of 80 (4 x 20).

On the opponent's side, all damage is going to be absorbed first by the combined shield of the ships in the first line position. Only once that fully depleted, the armor takes additional damage. "Piercing" is generally possible in one formation slot which means that if an attack of 20 hits a remaining shield stat of 10, 10 of the done damages goes to the armor stat. Once the armor is fully destroyed, the structure stat absorbs the additional damage.

Once the structure is affected, the number of your opponents' ships is reduced. So for example, if the initial 60 structure stat of the 10 Corvettes in the above-mentioned example is reduced to 30, means that 5 ships have been permanently destroyed. In the next turn, these ships will thus perform also a weaker attack - due to the reduced number of ships.

Once ships in one position had their attack, they have the opportunity to recover some of their previously lost shield and armor capacity. Shields are recovered initially by 20% each round while armor is repaired by 10% each round. However, the recovery rate weakens every round. Shield regeneration is lowered by 0.5 percentage points each round, while the armor repair rates are reduced by 1 percentage point each round. This means that shields do not recover anymore after 40 rounds, while armor stops recovering completely after 10 rounds. The lost structure cannot be repaired.

After both, attacker and defender, in the first line have had their attack, the battle will continue with the second line. The attacker will start again and the attack will be targeted again at the remaining ships of the opponent in the first line. Only once all ships in the first line are fully destroyed, the ships in the second line will be attacked. This means that the ships in the last slots have a much higher chance to survive than the ships in the front line.

This procedure continues for all ship lines.

Afterward, the battle continues with the first line attacker. This procedure continues until one party has lost all of its ships.

We hope that this helps you a bit to finetune your battle tactics. For a more practical exercise, however, we would suggest you using @jarunik’s battle simulator, which you can find here.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Are you ready for battle?

Resteem to the moon.

Stay tuned.


It escalates quickly, players changed economy from building explorers and transporters to war ships:


Hello @rafalski , I just checked your steemweb and I love what I see. Is there any way to contact you directly on discord?

Yes, same nick on discord.

I hope the tops will not crush all novices or not too strong opponents.

Crucial thing in this type of games is to have allies.

We love you charts! :)

I think so . this chart is so important

I am still trying to get my explorer to lvl 20 :D

Still at lvl 14

Me too... It takes time...

To prepare you a little better for the fights, we would like to share with you some insights today on how the battle mechanics work in detail.

Is this another table top game or an actual video game?

thats a complex post

Yeah, you're right. We're gonna simplify this bit by bit. That is the important basis for now.

@raycoms already did this.

that's what I was looking for! THX a lot!

That also means that laser is the best, bullet second best and rockets third best weapon...

I think so @solarwarrior . thanks for your special comment.

man I wish I had the time to look into this in detail and have a chance to play.. maybe and hopefully soon

You should! :)

You can choose 1 battleship variation for every slot in your formation - ships of the same class but a different type cannot be mixed in one slot but can take different slots.

@oliverschmid Ships of the same class but a different type cannot take different slots. e.g. you can't make a Corvette out of the Frigate. I think it was possible in the beginning, but now you can only select variations of the displayed ship class. You can't select an other ship class any longer.

We are working on this.

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The graphic looks so epic!

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Yes, @bronkong is the best. :)

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Great team that keeps coming up with new initiatives

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I'm sorry I have to say this, because I really like your game, BUT:
This mechanism has some serious flaws:

  • a huge advantage for the attacker (first shooting), which results in ridiculous results - same number of corvettes on both sides, the attacker loses 11%, the defender 100%.
  • another advantage for the attacker for the defender can only choose his line order with special considerations (=self support)
  • it is not a realistic szenario to fight a battle in 3D space in "lines", i.e. to concentrate fire on one ship only, just as it is nowhere nere realistic that all the shields and all the armor of the first ship line has do be depleted before the first ships start dying.

These and other flaws result in very non-intuitive and frustrating battle results. Imo, you should reconsider large parts of the mechanism. I will post some suggestions as soon as I have time for that (from @doctor-cog-diss).
Please note that this is supposed to be a constructive criticism, I like your game, I value your engagement, I am just here to fulfill my role as a responsible beta tester (which we all are atm).

  • First shooting is not really a problem due to shield regeneration. Check some different setups and you will see that it matters more which shield breaks first which depends on formation and setup.

  • If you have equal numbers then losses are dramatic indeed. With bigger and more diverse fleets the losses are spread out more.

  • You can be active as defender and use self support. With self support you will have an advantage as defender as you can influence the match-up. I think it is fine that defenders which are not active have a small disadvantage.

  • Yes. It is a game and it is not realistic but we need to simplify it as no one can manage 3D fights with multiple ships in a web browser.

Happy to hear your constructive improvement suggestions that are realistic to implement. (Unfortunately we will not be able to implement 3D fights in virtual realty. ;-)

With 3D I didn't mean you to implement 3D graphics, ofc. I just meant that even with a number-based game, a line vs line setup is not really what one would expect if thinking about star-wars-like battles.

As for the setups, it might be ok with more ship types involved, but still, if 100 corvettes fight vs 100 corvettes, the attacker should not just lose 11 of them and win so dramatically.

As said, I have quite a few suggestions how to get around this.

I am very interested in your post and your ideas. Thank you very much for your constructive feedback. I disclaimer upfront: we need to consider also the complexity of any potential idea for our code.

Honestly, I would be happy for 3D mode. I think 3D will increase interest in space exploration, if you can explore space in 6 directions. What about the idea isometric view?

All I wanted was peaceful coexistence...

...well wouldn't that be boring?

Thanks for this essential information and spreading the link to @jarunik's battle simulator... this galaxy is heating up... nice and cosy!

You're welcome, @fraenk. :)

So there will be a run on blueprints yes?

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When they're gone, they're gone.

I will monitor it but I bought the biggest one and will buy the carrier also.

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That's loads of math involve in this game. Will slowly refresh my memory.

We hope so! :)

I don't understand this game clearly.... please make a video details about it.....🤗

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You can look for the following and maybe more: answers basic questions he makes these nice graphical overview of core functions the Wiki is a addition to the FAQ

and sure Discord Channel to talk about all questions

Bounty is ongoing for new explain-Videos

hope that helps a bit

a complete tutorial video must be available in dtube or YouTube.... it's really helpful for many users....!!

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Please check the bounty for exactly that in our discord.

I don't even have a single ship yet

Then hurry up! :D

Just a comment to find this post back quickly.

lmao, double that

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That's a good idea.

It is not happening paper, scissors and stone style. The rarest will be the best.

Depends on the strategy and the opponent. But the rarity certainly plays a role.

even though I'm not a huge gaming fan I look forward to the positive changes this game will bring to the ecosystem

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Fingers crossed no one attacks me before i'm ready!

I also cross fingers. :)

Thanks for explanation!

You're welcome. :)

New here. Do I just want to say...WOW!

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I am not interstade with rocket , but i rally liked your update , but now i think i am gating interstad with this

Oh my... some folks are getting really close to my planet.

My neighbors are pretty active, too. This is my Planet (red arrow):
Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-15 um 18.17.31.png

Oh wow... TIL you can zoom out lol. More neighbors to worry about.

Dear friend #nextcolony
I am standing on one leg for war. If the wheel of money is operated by war ships, then there is no talk. The blockchain family is much better when it wants to fulfill. Those guys who got fun in this game in one team And I do not feel the need to comment on those who did not play. But I'm ready. Thank you

Nice post,a good review.

Excellent review @nextcolony and very pleased with the presence of so many ship options, I am sure that the battles will be very interesting!

Yes! Thanks, @serkagan. :)

Another perfect sharing from you. Thank you for this valuable post

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Thank you very much! :)

#wow its amazing . keep it up . best of luck. your post inspire me just like this


#so i give you 10 in 10


#keep up . good luck

Thanks! :)

Excellent review @nextcolony

a variety of mission and also a variety ship classes this is awesome
i will try thanks for this great review.

hihihi, you dont cease to amaze me

100 explorations, 8 explorers lost (8% lost) and still no planet found. I will rather quit this game because of boredom before I will be able to find any planet. I need to find a second planet, not battleships.

Before adding next new features please fix those things which were badly designed like the very uneven chances of finding a planet. For e. g. my neighbor stats 156 explorations, 6 explorers lost (3% lost), 4 planets found (1 planet per 40 explorations). Without the fixes the game has very low game play. The only thing which counts here is LUCK (luck in finding planets, luck in not losing explorers, luck in having neighbors which are not exploring the space and which you can safely be farm). Currently in Next Colony there is very a small place for any STRATEGIC game play :(

Hi, come to Discord, share your opinion how it should be changed and it will be changed for the better. 😎👍

That's exactly what we do. :)

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excelente entra qui:![folder (3).png]

amazing game !! I have tried this steemit game and personally feels that I have to do a lot of to understand this ....can anyone plz help to guide me in this game ?? .....or it would be better for understand if any video available about this game in any platform....!!!!

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