Why did I choose WazirX

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Hi Everyone. Hope you all have been keeping well.

In my last post, I shared my NFT gallery with you all. I have been minting NFT's on Wazirx instead of the more popular ones like Opensea and Rarible etc. Many of you may not be aware of Wazirx. It is a India based NFT platform (probably the only Indian based platform) and it is a new player in the NFT marketplace. The reason I chose to go with WazirX are as follows.

  1. Gas Fees - To mint NFT's we have to pay gas fees. And the gas fees on popular sites are way too high right now. You need to spend at least 50 dollars to mint an NFT. But at WazirX you can mint NFT for less than a dollar.

  2. Curation - All creators have to go through a strict selection process to be green listed here. Unlike many other places which is just open for all, WazirX follows a strict selection process to get creators on board. So this place not over crowded and there is quality.

  3. Future leader - WazirX NFT is the first NFFT marketplace in southeast Asia and looking at the growth potential in this region it will surely become a major player in the NFT world in future. So getting on this platform early should be a good thing to do.

Well, it is not all honky dory about WazirX platform. The transaction fees that they charge per sale of NFT is 5%, which is pretty high. Secondly their future will also depend on how well they can continue well and also market themselves well.

But still I feel it is a good platform and has great future potential.

By the way I minted 2 more NFT's today. I'll leave you with their images. Have a great day.

Malnad Sunset

Distillery District