Huge Digital Collectible! Maybe The Biggest Yet!

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Todd McFarlane's Batman is one of the most iconic images from the world of comics in the last 40 years. From Spawn to Spider-Man, Todd has worked on the biggest IP and even created his own.

Todd launched McFarlane Digital to release his own creations and IP. I've been collecting there since January and although the web application is a little shaky, the collectibles are awesome.

Plus you can hold in your Metamask wallet and own them.

But... on July 27th, you can get the TODD BATMAN on his digital platform in partnership with Warner Brothers.

If you want to get on the whitelist...

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If you want to be on the whitelist and be able to get one, then you will need to have a collection on McFarlane Toys Digital or be a Bat Cowl owner.

I minted a Bat Cowl back in March of 22, and I have loved owning it. I've gotten all kinds of airdrops and access and this is really cool.

Owning this NFT will now give me access to what will be valuable NFT.

Fingers crossed I get one! I can't wait.

Do you collect Batman NFTs?

Let me know.