NFT Showroom: An interview and teaser for an upcoming NFT art platform built on Hive.

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Yesterday I had the chance to interview the extremely talented and especially kind @juliakponsford. She's the driving force on a new art platform built on Hive called NFT Showroom. Here she talks about how her experience in physical art shares similarities to her digital art experience. She describes what the platform is, some timelines, expectations, and helps to introduce a new opportunity for artists and collectors on Hive.


this is nice... @gloriaolar @teedora @creativemary this is another community for you guys.. ave fun..

This is awesome! I'm in! ;)

This is amazing! Can't wait for what comes next.

Would be cool to see something like this for limited edition photos as well.

Thats actually something we discussed and may be coming as a separate project in the future, I know we have lots of great photographers here!

Thanks. I am following for any updates. Very keen to see this happen.

Please Let it live more than Ntopaz.
Good Luck.

Sounds good! Greetings and good luck on your new project

This is really great ...

So exciting! Great news, thanks for doing this interview!

It's great to hear your voices......exciting times for sure! Thanks for listening to all my critiques! I know I'm a Gila Monster at times, but it's because I want this to be good, and to knock the socks off other sites.

This will be a great addition to the #hivecommerce family!