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Great Minds,

Let me share what I had as supper with you guys, For those that follow my last post, you will notice I am in a foreign land and one of the challenges here has been food. Well, it is not that there is no food in fact there are loads of foods but the type I was used to is not available. So once in a while I will be making update of the various meals I take here. Today post will border on the Supper I had this evening.


The meal is a mixed of different combination some of which I don't know anything about as in what name to give it, but it looks and smells good so much that I couldn't resist so I included it in the menu.


Let me begin the list with the names of the food items I know. Yeah, so in the list you have the following ;
A. Bread
B. Butter
C. Rice
D. Crayfish
E. Green beans
F. Beef
G. A white baked stuff like cake but not
H. Cucumber
I. Watermelon
J. A yellowish tea

The mixture arrangement is such that the bread is just a slice and a little butter to rob it.

Then you have a cooked rice, it is this small seed rice so different from the ones I was used to. It was well cooked then you have a stewlike stuff made of grilled beef and some green strand of leaves I can't tell the name inside it.

Also you have another set and part of the meal, this set is the crayfish well cleaned, the scales and the heads were removed and then they are cooked together with greenlike beans not the type of green beans I know, because these were not soft, they were so arranged that the taste mixed with the crayfish is something you will eat and forget your girlfriend in the park, lol.


There is also this stand a lone white baked food, it looks like a round bread or cake but not, when I opened it I saw some sauce in it, it has a good taste and will probably buy my attention next time.

Included in the menu is a watermelon that is sliced and the seeds were carefully removed and to cap it all there is a yellowish tea you get from a dispenser, it actually taste like orange juice but its hot and its called tea.



Well that was my supper today. If you know the name of the entire food you can help. Also if you are familiar with Chinese food and know the names of the ones I failed to state their names you can also contribute.

On the whole, it was a nice dish so Much that I don't have to miss my foods a lot, though no matter what I still prefer my local meals .

Your thoughts , comments and contributions to this posts are welcomed




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