Happy Father's Day Celebration

in #nigeria5 years ago

It was father's celebration yesterday 16 June 2019, and it was an exciting moment receiving messages from loved ones wishing me a happy young father.

Photo of me with a father's day package coming from church

And I got this message from a whatsapp group trying to list out the various types of fathers. Perhaps you me be thinking you are not a father check the list and find where you belong.

Happy Father's Day to you and to all kinds of fathers like,

Biological fathers
Adopted fathers
Area fathers
God fathers
Responsible fathers
Irresponsible fathers
Run away fathers
Reverend fathers
Grand fathers
Great grand fathers
Step fathers
Religious fathers
Rich fathers
Poor fathers
Legitimate fathers
Illegitimate father
Donor fathers
Part time fathers
weekend fathers
Absentee fathers
Caring fathers
Uncaring fathers
Church fathers
Mosque fathers
Shrine fathers
Office fathers
School fathers
Frowning fathers
Smiling fathers
Club fathers
Ceremonial father
Family fathers
Spiritual fathers
Olori ebi fathers
Arranged fathers
Known fathers
Unknown fathers
Late fathers.

Happy Father's Day to you, which ever kind of father you are. You are celebrated today.


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