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Great Minds,

In life, no one has reached his destination , no one has actually arrived and no one has gotten it all. We all are in the process and are in a daily and continuous struggle to be there. The only difference is that our levels of attainment differ, and the position and how far each person has gone separate everyone of us. One thing is sure and common, no one can define his destination by mere words. Each man's destination is a summary of his activities on Earth.

While we are here, we must keep moving, keep living, keep believing and keeping pressing on. But importantly, as we move every step and make every Progress, we should always be thankful and appreciative to God. For surely it is more than our mere strength, yes life wins and survival is a matter of God's grace and privileges he makes available for us. So it is expedient we give God all the thanks and show how much we are grateful.

There are times things may be rough and it may seem there is no way out, this should not stop you from moving neither to be thankful, rather let it toughen us to give in more effort and continue to forge ahead. It is he who endures to the end that wins. Quitters never win and winners never quit but remain. The joy comes in the morning, so if you want to win and do well keep moving.

Live well and enjoy life thanking God

Thank you for reading

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