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Great Minds

I am feeling sweet today having to make this post after a long time of not being here. I missed a lot but all was due to certain circumstances beyond my control. I want to thank some great steemians that made loving efforts to reach me, I mean it was so cool having friends you met just online felt concern and show a lot of care . God bless you guys.

Now to the topic above, it was something I just learnt and saw it work wonders, so I could not have kept it to myself without sharing it here. Yes just as you read up there, "PUMPKIN LEAF JUICE/WATER MIXED WITH MILK GIVES BLOOD" and improves the system so fast. I saw this played out last week. My friend's child was very sick and was looking pile , you could obviously see he lacked blood. The doctor recommended that he needs blood and very fast if not he could die in a week. The friend was worried and was about to donate blood for him. Then a nurse came and told us that there is an alternative way and that it works fine . We became curious, the she told my friend to buy pumpkin leaves, ground it and squeeze out the juice , then mix it with a tin of milk. That if the child takes that three times daily in two days he will be fine as far as blood is concern.

My friend was a bit skeptical and was a bit disturbed seeing the way the boy was fairing, when he told me and the parents, in fact his mom jumped into it and encouraged him to give it a trial.

To cut the story short, my people this thing worked like magic , within two days, the boy changed and looking good. If you compare his looks now and when he was very sick you will never believed he was the one in just two days. I was shocked to my bones and it happened right before me. I saw the boy when he was down and now.

Well, I went online to browse out about the uses of pumpkin and milk when mixed together, and surprisingly I noticed people have been using it to achieved result.

The Following reasons account for the efficacy of this mixture.

a. The LEAF

is vegetable and contains high amount of iron which helps in blood production. It is also a very good source of other vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to the body and for blood replenishment.

b. The MILK
is a very nutritious food that is high in protein. It helps to build the body cells. It also contain calcium and therefore helps in bone marrow blood production.

When both the pumpkin leaves juice and milk are combined , it supplies the body with good amount of protein and vitamins which help in building the body and production of blood.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion as regards this .

Thank you for reading.


Thanks for the steem @princeso.

This is an age long practice, especially in Africa, and in areas/homes where medical experts or facilities cannot be easily accessed or where families lack the finance to meet up with medical cost.

More so, one who eats healthy would most likely not suffer the fate of the littlel boy.

Thank you so much for your useful contribution.

I have not heard of it before, but I read your article, so now I know. Thank you.

You are welcome