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Great Minds,

I found something so worrisome on Steemit, the way and manner the big whales and other privileged ones work on the newbies and people with low steem power. This has made and still making the platform so discouraging . You will spend time and effort to make a quality post, you will not see upvotes. You follow them and upvote their posts and even follow their trail. You do all to show support to a whale to attract their interest yo your posts but to no avail. They rather politicking and creating bots and using covert accounts and the rest of the stuff to upvote and get upvotes for themselves.

Well, I would not blame them for the above because, most of them actually invested huge money and will do everything to make profit and double or triple their earnings. It is normal and I have nothing against them.

My concern and the push for this post is a situation where some tend to intimidate and push out the newbies with different styles. They do these by down voting you and or using bots to comment unnecessarily on your posts to pretend to clean the Steemit platform thereby buying attention to themselves .

They down vote you if you use bidbots, imagine you make posts and no upvote you then decide to pay for upvotes. The same people that own the paid bots comes to downvote you for either using bots that your posts is more than 3 days you are not supposed to use bots. Different irrelevant and flimsy excuse of intimidation .

Other times you get flagged for no just reason.

The first zeal and mission of Steemit we embrace seemed to be dying off. That initial love that Steemit preaches, the show of love that was so strong that attract people to Steemit is gradually been replaced with greed, pride and too know. Now no one wants to put a newbie through , nobody care much about who just joined of not. No one wants to know if the other had genuine problem that need assistance . There was community programs , helping people testimony of how Steemit help to promote love and lots of them.

Today the story is different , only the whales and people with huge steem power are the ones getting bigger while the ones with small steem power are getting diminished by day.

Take it or leave, the initial love and desire to help grow and support the young minds that Steemit preaches is gradually losing in glory.

Well let me stop here for now.

I will continue when I have time.

Thanks for reading.


Are you speaking from experience? Have you personally been attacked?

Sorry, I have to disagree...

only the whales and people with huge steem power are the ones getting bigger while the ones with small steem power are getting diminished by day.

I started with a free account 190 days ago.
On March 5th, I started keeping track and I had 63.387 SP
Today I have 228.354 SP (a 260% increase in 100 days)

  • 100 shares of SBI
  • I've bought into @qurator
  • and I have a few SteemMonster cards.
    • I started this month with 183 SP, so that's a 25% increase in 14 days.

I'm not at all making what I'm worth haha, but I'm quite happy with my progress.

Have you checked out @ulogs? I think you will find the love you are seeking there from @surpassinggoogle's project. I agree with you that this platform can be very frustrating at times, but as long as we keep on keeping on, we cannot fail. :D

I must confess you are a great man, your encouraging words and direction giving with your explained progress is enough to change even a dying or hopeless man and give the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks a lot.

I have written this out of both personal experiences and conmplaint/frustrations faced by some steemians in our group. It is not a generalised issue but it is common in today steemit platform.

Once again thank you for an elaborate comment.