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Great Minds,

Office work coupled with low price of steem has slowed down my activities on Steemit. Let me share a gist of my friend's traditional marriage with you today.

My friend Victor has been preparing for this traditional marriage for a month until the D Day finally came. He sent out invitations and got everything ready unknown to him the money he prepared for the occasion had been taken away by one of his colleague at work (later found out). When the time came to buy drinks and pay for the food. He was disappointed as there was no money.
(Photo of the couple cutting the cake)

He started sweating profusely and could not speak to anyone, amidst confusion he just fell down and started crying. Thankfully we got the hint of what happened when the woman that supplied the food came to the house to collect money to enable her transport the food to the venue. It was then we realised it was because of money he was in that horrible state.

We comforted him and rally round to gather money. To crown it all the Traditional Marriage turned out to be fantastic and well celebrated beyond his plans. He showed great joy at the occasion as he danced and danced without restrictions to the point some people thought perhaps he was drunk on his Traditional marriage Day. But no he was not we that are close to him can tell, he was overjoyed and could not hold it inside.

(Photo of my overjoyed friend being carried by friends)

The Cake was wowed and culturally designed , showing a palmwine pot with wine being poured from it to a cup. It has a matching colour with the couples dressing . It was such a great sight.
(Photo of the Marriage Cake I took on the D-Day)

There was surplus food at the occasion as all the guests had enough meal with different types. Drinks were not left out. The guests were all well catered for.

It was indeed memorable day for this young couple. A visible display of love could be seen all over the day. A lot of money spread as mark of love.

Happy marriage life bro

Thank you for reading

Live sweet and enjoy life


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