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Great Minds,

I have been a bit busy, couldn't make post, well recently I travelled down to China for a study and will be spending quite a long time here. Over a week since my arrival in China, I have been finding it a bit not easy in some areas that I am making serious effort to adjust.

Firstly China is 7hours ahead of Nigeria and this is affecting me seriously, in the night here, I do everything possible to sleep but no way, sleep won't come. Then during the day, I will be feeling seriously sleepy. This is because my body system is still used to Nigerian sleeping time and yet to adjust to Chinese time zone.

Another challenge is the type of food I find around here in China, quite different with my local Nigeria EBA and soup . sometimes I had to force myself to eat some food I see just to survive. A lot of foods here I am not familiar with, I get to taste as many as possible and jettison the ones I don't like. Frankly speaking, china has varieties of great meals and rich delicacies , I just need to adjust fast and zoom I will be there . Though without any prejudice, I will miss so much my soup and garri back there in Naija. My guys can tell, @Arthur, @Eyina and @Willy , these guys I doubt if they can stay without akpu or garri and powerful egusi, okazi of a fan soup.



(Some of the Chinese meals I enjoy)
Another issue of concern is the language barrier , since my arrival , I have been chewing my tongue trying to express myself, I go around with an interpreter who struggle to even here me and communicate with me. Sometimes we both had to resolve back to the internet for interpretation .

Well , above all China is a beautiful country especially where I stay Wuhan. Later in my stay I will take a visit to the prominent cities in China and hopefully I will learn kungfu and karate before I leave.

Your comments are welcomed



Hahaha...sorry bro😊 you gonna get use to it o.u dont have choice for now😃

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