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Great minds,

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty, a state where the mind is suspended between two or more opinions without being able to take to one. It is simply lack of conviction and indecision. Doubt can also mean fear and lack of boldness to even stand your ground and follow a line of action. A doubtful man is a fearful man who is afraid to take action. He wants to be sure before doing anything .


The fact remains that a man who is full of doubt will not succeed in life. He has no stand and always suspended between opinions. For anyone to succeed in business or in any other thing in life, he must be ready to take risks and must be an action taker. A man of doubt is not ready to believe anyone, he is afraid to take risk,

When you are bound by doubt, in as much as you don't trust anyone, you can not be trusted and entrusted with something worthwhile. Doubt diminish a man and make him loose self esteem. It impoverish and take away energies and resources.

To overcome doubt and fear, you need to put on love and boldness, show love to people and see possibilities instead of impossibilities. Relate with people more and be genuinely interested in them.

Another major way to clear your doubts is to put in your effort yo gather as much information as possible about the things you are doubtful of. When you are guarded with enough information the problem of indecision will naturally die off you. Practice and look at examples of others before you face a real time situation. This will make you familiar with the scene and change your orientation and perspective.

Some doubts creep in as a result of pass failure, learn to see a failure as a learning tool that help you see things in another direction and push on. A lot of successful people today have failed severally before their eventual success, do be proud of yourself and celebrate your little effort not condemn.

Work on your self image and learn to improve on your first impression .if you must overcome doubt and be successful in life, then you must learn to enter and leave a scene with an impressive reputation. Your carriage and reputation must be guarded, don't look down on your self and nobody will.

Live sweet and don't be doubtful about life.

Thank you for reading.

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Well written
You can't achieve anything if you doubt

Real nice piece,
Very interesting facts.

Very good advice @princeso. Doubt and fear rob us of so much and is nothing but destructive.


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Agreed! :) A little doubt is ok, but then to prove yourself wrong is even better! (Well for me at least haha!)

Moving forward and having faith in yourself is the key!
Know thyself and you will know the world!

Peace - love - gratitude!

Inspirational attitude!