Nigeria my country

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Hello my fellow countrymen i hope we all are doing well.

With the recent events happening all around our country,our localities one can't help but ask what truly went wrong?
Gone are those days of pointing fingers at any one.
If we truly see from the perspective of we being one even though we are from different ethnic group or have different beliefs there will be peace.
Home they say is always home,we can't because of the fact that things are the way they are now deny our

Yes we see the corruption going on from the head to the bottom...but its still our country,our home.
Lets keep wishing and praying that things change for good.
One Nigeria!!!!
It is our home...war doesn't bring peace but tears and sorrows.
Lets put our difference aside and focus on the common goal which is to better our country!


We are trying our best to focus on Nigeria but many are still focusing on their selves