Announcing The Nitrous Project ; Digitally Fabricating Assistive Technology to Help People with Disabilities.

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Project Nitrous aims at using digital fabrication technology to address the unique day-to-day needs of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). Nitrous is a joint initiative between Giza Systems Education Foundation and supported by Drosos Foundation.

Under the slogan “Innovation that changes lives,” the project aims to utilize digital technologies to enable the disabled by creating assistive devices and empowering them to revolutionize the products they use to make them highly customizable to suit their individual needs.

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wow! great robotic project, It will help Disabilities people. thanks dear hossary

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I am the Nitrous Program Leader :)

hmm i dont know much about it. .. but its sounds cool 😎 hehe .. thats why you were busy recently? ..

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I am really overwhelmed and each time I see informative articles like this gives me joy that at least amidst other things happening around, they still don't forget the disabled ones in the society. Thank you for sharing this and hopefully wish their creative initiative a successful one.

Thank you so much for your kind words :)
Stay tuned for more info!

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if you upload a video ,it will be better for us to undersatnd your project

thats a great idea and concept..
this is a great news of story
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great post ever.....that is good writing about nitrous
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thanks for make the life easier for disable person,you are really doing a great job

Carry on dear..I am proud of you..Great job

good work keeep it up @hossary

Your work always on the top sir and awesome ...i like your work soookk much and i pray To God your work always on the top and a such experiance to see your post ....Bst of luck

appreciate your work keep it up.