Crispr Thursday!

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That's right, dear reader, it's Thursday, and you too can make some fuzzy headed chihuahuas in your garage!

This article is a report on the biotechnology currently used in the wild.

If you have an interest in all things biological.
You can not do better than to learn for yourself?


Maybe you like lizards better?

This article talks about what the University of Georgia has been up to in their labs.


Now, I don't know about you, dear reader, but my early childhood training is screaming for me to interfere with the dissemination of this information at any cost.

This is why I brought it to you.

What will you do with it?



The mosquito technology is terrifying. Reminds me of the Black Mirror episode where they modified bees...with terrifying results !

Predictive programming. Black Mirror is a crystal ball my friend.

We are advancing to the point that one mad scientist can kill us all.
Luckily he will be rich, and love poor people,...0.o

I saw an ad for a mushroom kit from Unfortunately, it didn't contain a link, and when I checked their site, there was no kit for sale there. Do you have any info on it? This is one of my favorite topics btw, even though I don't post on it much. Glad you do.


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