Frosty in Shelltown San Diego - My California Monday Missions Entry

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ntopaz-image-0Frosty was my next door neighbor for a few weeks when I lived in Shelltown San Diego California. He woke up each evening at dusk and returned to a puddle on the ground around midnight.

As you can see, he was a big guy; towering over the roof of his one story house. It took about 30 minutes with a strong blower to get him to his full glory. The homeowners tweaked their decorations for the whole season, but Frosty in this spot was always the star of the show.

Shelltown is the poorest neighborhood in all of San Diego County, and has a bad reputation for crime and gang activity. I was in for a surprise while living there and found a peaceful place of families living in solid older homes. This home was only one of many that went all out for the Christmas season, and walking at night in December showed many nicely decorated yards.

This post is my entry for @qurator’s Monday Mission where the theme for the next weeks is Christmas. I’m also entering @socalsteemit’s Show Us Your California Contest with this nice memory of good times I had while living there.

I used a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera for this photo.

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fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg


Muy linda esta decoración navideña. Me encanta el juego de luces y el muñeco de nieve con los brazos abiertos para dar la bienvenida a la navidad y al año nuevo. Te felicito por tu buena captura y buena iluminación. Mis saludos.

Thank you so much, @daysiselena. I'm so glad you like this photo :)

Peaceful light. I always love the view of light like that :)

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Thank you so much, @anggreklestari. I really appreciate all your support and love posting to @ntopaz :)

Hi @fitinfun, a modest tip of appreciation:

Thank you, @rycharde. I really appreciate your support :)

Fun photo. We are getting ready for Christmas here in the Southwest.

Now I am in Malaysia, and will have cool decoration here too, @anarchy999. I am determined to get good photos this year :)

How cute ~ Pretty snowman ~ wonderful night ~

Thank you, @trueimagine. I have such good memories of this place :)

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