Saint Patty's Day GREEN Smoothie

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Happy Saint Patty's Day!!!!

Instead of getting fall down drunk today, how about whipping together a tasty green smoothie?
My girlfriend and I LOVE this simple and delicious recipe we filmed just for you:

2 cups Organic Spinach
1 cup Water
1 Cup Almond Milk
1 Cup Frozen or Fresh Organic Berries
1/2 Cup Ice
2 Scoops Collagen or Pea Protein

Over the years I've eliminated most dairy from my diet. (I still eat ice cream from time to time!!) I never drink milk and I've swapped my whey protein for plant based proteins and collagen protein. My reason? It just makes me feel better! Dairy leaves me feeling bloated and full. I'm currently enjoying collagen and pea proteins.

Collagen is naturally found in bone broth and contains 19 amino acids. Collagen is the key structural protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of all of our connective tissues; its essentially the glue holding our bodies together. The peptides in collagen, when digested, are quickly drawn to cells called fibroblasts that synthesize collagen in the human body. New collagen fibers grow in both density and diameter, potentially improving the strength, elasticity, and moisture of the skin. Hell Yeah!

Collagen supplementation has also been proven to assist in proper healing of joints, muscle, and ligaments. This means faster recovery + good skin. I'm in!

I'm all about balance, so if you're out partying it up this St. Patty's Day -- have FUN. Maybe you can sip this delicious smoothie in the morning as a different kind of recovery shake ;)



uu... looks really healthy AND yummy... I should try to do it... 😊 @peekbit

Always love a good green smoothie in the morning!

Love this recipe. I used to drink something similar everyday but have gotten away from it. Thanks for reminding me, this will be my St Patricks day drink of choice!🍀

I will give it a try.

mmm ... I pass .. I prefer a beer very cold lol .. the liquefied vegetables I do not like .. I prefer cooked and in the food .. Happy Saint Patrick's Day

So nice Thanks for sharing :)

Wow... Awesome post, very educating . I think I will join you in the plant protien and collagen protien. Thanks @holly

It's been a game changer for me :)

I will have to go green myself, I have a knee joint pain that needs collagen, so this article just made my day

That's looks delicious the color is so vibrant

The recipe looks great. I gat to prepare some for my gf

Ah the green drinks on St. Patty's. I missed this year so this is the first image of green liquid I see this year.

we always need a healthy nutrion. Keep steem on.

This is such a very useful guide, thank you for sharing this @holly. Really appreciated.

I will try to make it...

Bring on the healthy recipes! I need inspiration. So glad I found your profile by the way!

I wish I could find all the ingredients here, even so they can be done with some

Thank you. Good post.

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