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The Sexual Corner, a space that is and I would dare to say suitable for all audiences, since sexuality today cannot remain a taboo, I think we should all learn and clarify many doubts to not commit mistakes in the future, have you heard that from the experiences you learn well?

In this space you will find topics based on real life, where I will answer those questions and give you the advice you need and that you should know so as not to fail and put the PATA. As they would say in my city.
What is this space inspired by?

I must confess to my dear readers that every day I receive questions on this subject and I would like to make them known, since they are cases in which we will probably have to live one day.

And we will begin this section by answering one of those questions that caught my attention in a very interesting way:


I am 13 years old and all my friends have already had their period. I feel worried, because I feel that something is missing. I have a good size, my breasts are developed, but I want to be a woman now. What do I do?

R: Simply, what you have to do is be patient. At any time that first desired menstruation will appear. You are at the average age at which the first menstruation should appear. Statistics report that it should appear between the ages of ten and seventeen and, as you can see, you are in an intermediate range so you should not be alarmed.


At age 14 I was diagnosed with diabetes and I have been injecting insulin for three years. I have heard a lot that diabetes affects the sexual capacity of the human being and I would like to be informed if I can have orgasms when I get married.

R: Diabetes mellitus is a disease that is characterized by high blood sugar levels, due to an inability on the part of the pancreas to produce insulin to degrade sugar. It is a disease that is controlled by administering insulin, which allows the patient to maintain a normal life in all fields, including sex.

By controlling your blood sugar, you can keep your sex life the same as other human beings. Diabetes, while you control it, will not affect your sexual response, so take care!



Dear friends, these two cases opened my mind, I bet that you too, my reflection today would be that we should always take things slowly, and not complex ourselves or pay much attention, to what people do or say to around us, we always have to stay informed, it's okay to listen but, it's much better to investigate ... If you're a girl and you don't get your period having more than 16 years, it's time for you to go formally to a gynecologist, many times something It may be wrong in our body and it is good to prevent ahead of time and always remember "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE" do not want to anticipate events, let each day brings its own desire.


Thank you for your visit

You know, You can share and leave your comment, you can ask your questions if sorry, that I will gladly give you good advice to solve your problems and doubts of sexuality, do not suffer from sorrow dear friends, who are already today This issue has to be treated as normal, and educate us very well so as not to PUT THE PAW