Pug crashed

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Pug crashed

img036 copia.jpg

lately I've been experimenting with this palette of psychedelic colors, the way they harmonize and contrast the colors is like a clash of color that catches the eye and for this new painting I made a pretty colorful pug and something surreal, I chose a pug for his so peculiar face that I feel perfect fit in this type of paintings. Among the details that can be seen when looking at this painting is the background that represents a sky with different tones and strokes between the dominant blue, the stars inspired by the starry night, the contrast of the fuchsia and the expression of the pug. without more to say I hope you like it.

Used materials.

  • cold paints of different brands
  • variety of brushes
  • metallic paints
  • HB pencil
  • letter type sheet


step 1


Step 2


step 3


Step 4


Final score


Greetings and until a next post.