A new heroic milestone for Hive's Film Script? - You heard it here first.

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There is an existing relationship between the way we have been running this project and the way the community members of this adorable blockchain have been getting involved in every step we take. Last year was amazing and we are glad to be starting 2023 with an announcement.

I'm sure your appetite is already whetted as you try to paint a mental picture of what this announcement would be all about. For the record, this is an announcement about a heroic milestone reached by the team working on Hive's Film Project.

As you already know, we take our opportunities where they present themselves and we are glad to let you in on the inside joke. We will break the deadlock in a second, but let's start with the pleasantries.

Shall we?

Happy New Year to every one of you!

It's such a pleasure to have every one of you back in one piece. We are also back. Well, you already know that we've always been here. Hehe.

That being said, we wish y'all the very best in this New Year. Have a blast and always remember to keep a tab on this project because we have loads of delectable theatrical experiences to go through, together.

Now, let's get to the heroic announcement!

The First Draft is Complete.

Yep! You heard it here first. Haha. We are genuinely glad to inform the entire Hive community members that the First Draft of Hive's film script is Complete. Inject that into your veins! Haha.

At the moment, @killerwot and @thedeltron are going through the first completed draft of the script to make further amendments before going over it, again, with a few other community members and those in our review team.

In case you are not completely sure of what's left to be done before we can completely call it wraps on the scriptwriting aspect of this project, please do us a favour and watch out for our next publication. It will hold details of the action plan we will be taking from now on till we get to the 4th/final draft of the entire script.

Please... Don't miss that.

It has been a great ride, an incredible journey, and a rough road, made possible by the dedication, love, and respect of the community as a whole. Everyone involved in the project has made it an absolute pleasure and even commenters and well-wishers from the sidelines have been absolutely amazing and have helped so much to keep the heads together and eyes fixed on the future.

Mailing List

This is for accounts that asked to be mentioned in our publications.

@ericwilson, @demotruk, @crrdlx, @jacoalberts, @traciyork, @the-bitcoin-dood, @invest4free, @snook, @grindan.

Upon request in the comment section of this post, we will gladly mention you in our subsequent publications. Think of it as a mailing list. It’ll be a good way of staying updated on everything we are doing here at filmmaking4hive.

Ending Note;

Filmmaking4hive is a team that is developing a feature-length film based on the events that transpired with Steemit Take over and the Hive Fork while showcasing the power of Web3. Please check out our blogpage for more details!

Feel free to JOIN our Discord channel. That is where you can join our AMA section and have another timely discussion with us in real time.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the brilliance, dedication, and unwavering effort of @killerwot and @thedeltron for the role they play in the overall progress of this project.

Huge thanks to @kenechukwu97 for his role in helping us keep the community informed about the progress of this project. Please check out his page and consider giving him a follow!

Check out our script reviews so far:


Thumbnail image is the property of @rubencress, taken from Hive's asset room on Hive's Discord channel and cropped to fit perfectly into this post.


It has been a lot of fun writing it, and I think as far as films go, this one is going to be really interesting!


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This is amazing. What a way to start the year. Haha. Forward ever.

Thank You for all the updates and Yeahhh! on the first draft!~!


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Im with you all steps on the way.
Congrats on this great step to bringing it to production 😁
I can't wait😃👌

Best wishes 🙏
Keep up the good work 👍👍

It's always nice to know we have access to where these announcements are made first!

You are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work! And I'm looking forward to your next publication!

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