Benefits of Staying Home 24/7 during Quarantine

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Hello everyone! A couple of days ago i made a funny post regarding the whole qaurantine thing and what to do to kill time. in case you wanna read it check below:

Surviving Quarantine: Fun Things to do that you Never Thought

Now i am back with the part 2 as promised in which i am gonna talk about the benefits of staying home 24/7! Take notes because i am about to blow your minds!

1) Away from Everyone

First and foremost i bet you are one of those types of people that at least once in your lifespan said "ohh i hate everyone". Now it's the time to be away from everyone and everything. You hate your coworker that sits next to you? Fear not the closest you gonna see him is over skype, if he or you aren't fired yet!

You are a college student and you are sick and tired the crowded classes? Now you can relax in your bed listening the proffessor via zoom and drinking beer or watching anime at the same time.

Last but not least, remember all those akward talks with "friends" about making plans and going out sometime that you actually didn't want? Yeah quarantine is here for you don't worry!

2) Hating your Family

I keep hearing how cool is now that we all can have some quality time with our families and getting to know each other better. Haha jokes on you! Actually we are witnessing a huge amount of indoor fights, family abuse and many many upcoming divorces! Why? because the majority are retards who get into a relashionship because they wanna just say it.

Anyway let's spend some quality time with our families. Hear the same jokes from our father, get into fights with our annoying brothers and sisters because i wanna study and they wanna dance and more! The first week will be a blessing, the second one will be annoying and after the 3rd the nightmare will slowly begin!

3) Realizing how Hopeless You Are

When the whole quarantine started you acted cool but sooner or later you gonna do things that never did before. From downloading fortnite and play with all the 15 years to do some Tik Tok videos.

All the things that you considered retarded a few days or weeks ago, you gonna start doing them all at once! you never had instagram? Not only you will create an account you will also upload stories all day long!

4) Hating Yourself

After you realize how hopeless you are you will also start realizing that most of the problems you had in life wasn't because of others but actually cause of you. It wasn't that professor's fault that you didn't pass the test but yours for partying all night long. You didn't take a raise because Paul is a sucker but because you suck! You got some extra weights and blame the circumstances? You will start blaming your devouring self that chow down everything in front of him!

Did i make you feel a little uncomfortable? Fear not when you get out of this quarantine, you will be a brand new person.... for better.......or for worst!

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