Highlight of My Day #2 - Card Making

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I have read a post of a friend, who is a frontliner, that they aren't receiving thank you's anymore, that they're no longer heroes, instead people are blaming them why this pandemic is taking so long, as if they're the culprit. 😥

It pained me knowing about it. They shouldn't be blamed, nor should we stop thanking the frontliners.



Hence, I made it a resolve to do handmade cards for them.



It's not much, but I think it's the best that I could do for now. Little baby steps for me. And even though the cards I made is like done by a kindergarten, it's the thought that counts, right? 😁


I also see to it to share a Bible text.


What have you done for the frontliners?

Ging ❤


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I think this is such a nice and thoughtful gesture of you. It is the thought that counts but I do like your artwork on these cards. I have nominated your post for an OCD Curation!

This type of handmade art post would be great in the DIYHub Community.

It will help create a better community trending page and it will give you more exposure to others with similar interests in your area of focus. We’re trying to help grow a diverse set of niche communities so readers and posters can get a better community experience.

You can read more about this in our recent announcement post.

For a list of the communities we’re curating right now please check the recent ocd community incubation post.

You are welcome to cross-post your posts from that community onto OCD with the peakd.com feature to get more visibility and engagement from the OCD subscribers.

Thanks for your attention to this :)

Thank you for nominating me @croshielle, and for making me know about the DIY Community. 😍 I will keep this in mind. ❤ Thank you for your help.

My pleasure. No problem at all. 😉

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God Bless you. xo

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