A Year to Be Grateful

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I am grateful for this year. Yes, that may seem strange considering the wild rollercoaster that we have seen. However, there is something to be said for the shaking of something conceding the true identity of something.

Coming into 2020 I continued to hear that this was the year of clearer vision. Yes, it is a bit of a pun and I may have rolled my eyes the last couple times I heard it. Yet, the simplicity of the statement and the hope for the new year stirred me to press in.

Here we are in December and many folks are wondering what happened to 2020.

Covid has not effected my family and I that much. My wife and I generally work remote so the lockdowns gave us more opportunity to fit our schedules around family. We welcomed a new baby into our life in January so the extra maternity leave “forced” upon us was welcome as well. Overall, our lives kept on plugging away. Albeit with a few less hours sleep here and there.

I think the biggest takeaway I have from 2020 is how easily folks trust an individual or individuals who speak on TV. I don’t know what it is, but there is a magic pixie dust that comes over us when we see the image of another human transposed to us through pixelation.

I have watched numerous persons follow the guidelines handed to them without questioning. It makes me stop and wonder quite often whether the movies I watch are that far from reality. V for Vendetta is one that comes to mind.

Yes, I am a self-proclaimed conspiracy realist. Yet, my true calling is to live as a son of God. I think what 2020 taught most clearly, with 2020 vision mind you, is that my Father loves me. Someone on a TV screen does not rule my life - He does. Someone sitting behind an office does not determine my future - the one sitting on the throne does.

My eternity is set and there is no weapon formed against me that can prosper. All in all I am grateful for the opportunity to put peace into action this year. To speak and act as if the shalom of God is in me and thus is permeating my thoughts day by day. Yes, I am grateful for 2020. It taught me to stand in the storm and speak truth to the darkness.

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