The "QuillHelm" ... the Solution to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Power House Creatives ... we are so-named for we are the creatives who creatively create the creative.

A couple of weeks ago I made a suggestion on the PHC Discord Channel:

"Fellow geniuses, let us utilize our collective creativity to craft a solution to the Coronavirus pandemic so that Mankind may live."

It was an audacious suggestion but fortune favors the bold and within minutes ideas had begun to percolate. Within days, this community of towering intellects had finalized a blueprint and the race was on to secure the necessary capital, materials and manufacturing facilities. Today, I'm proud to say we have an announcement to make:

The Power House Creatives have found a Solution for the Coronavirus Pandemic.

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few." Winston Churchill.

The PHC solution is elegant in its simplicity and, in retrospect, there will be many who will exclaim, "Why didn't I think of that?" For those inclined towards self-chastisement, I implore you ... please go easy on yourselves. You are not us.

The genesis of our breakthrough was an epiphany: The precautions being taken against the spread of the Coronoavirus were simply too tepid. Yes, there were shutdowns and lock-downs and yes, many were washing their hands and wearing face-masks. But, we soon realized, most people were simply going through the motions, conflating activity for productivity.

Amateur Hour.

Folks, we need to go all in.

What we need is a firewall so effective that it would, with 100% certainty, bring the further spread of the pathogen to a screeching halt.

What we need is ... the "QuillHelm."

In addition to stopping viruses, the QuillHelm is both trident- and harpoon-proof.

Manufactured in Sarasota, Florida, the QuillHelm is made from the finest alloys and high temperature glass. It provides 180 degree horizontal visibility and an anterior viewport. Speaking of viewports, all are re-enforced with high-strength metal lattices. The QuillHelm is both the Mercedes-Benz and the Sherman tank of face-masks. The Coronavirus won't stand a chance.

As always, PHC's commitment to quality means maximizing utility. And so, while designing the QuillHelm we ensured that it would possess dual-use functionality. For example, due to the high quality materials used in its construction, the QuillHelm can be used in survival situations as a cooking pot. So go snare a hare, start a fire and make some stew.

Business Matters

Given the rather modest valuation of HIVE at the moment, we're saving money wherever we can and hence will be engaging in "Meme Marketing." And that's where you come in. Below is a graphic of the QuillHelm. Please find a picture, open up your graphic manipulation software and copy-paste the QuillHelm onto yourself (we're looking for models) or favorite celebrity. Then, drop the image into the comments section of this post. Remember the thing about PHC and creativity. Also, feel free to go crazy on Twitter and other social media.

QuillHelm image

"Better safe than sorry. Quill handsomely models the QuillHelm."


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LOL ... one find a little freedom at the bottom of the sea:)

It's all so obvious now!! Give this man a Nobel :)



And Crypt, guess what?

We're going to require that all QuillHelms be purchased with HIVE.

Yellow Lambos for everyone!

And guess what else? It's really catching on fast. Indeed, here's the Royals doing their part:

God Save the Queen.


You better be ready to ship them in the order of thousands!!! ;0)


Lavi, we will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"You're part of the problem or part of the solution."

We chose.



Thanks mate.

Laughter is the best medicine.