Hive Blog Covers and Wallpapers ( pc and mobile ) !! Free to Use

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Make your Hive blog look Amazing !!

Hello Everyone ,
Today am I presenting you the hive blog covers and Wallpapers for PC and mobiles.

Change your wallpapers of phone and PCs.
Keep the vibe of the hive alive.

Mockup source :

Here are some cover pictures for your hive blog.

hive1 cover.png

hive3 covers.png

hive2 covers.png

hive4 covers.png

hive5 covers.png

hive6 covers.png

Here is the sample how you can use it !!


Also , Have alook at these wallpapers for pcs and mobile devices.






Hope you guys loved it.

I utilized my time during this lockdown, Stay Safe Everyone
I ll be coming up with more designs and assets for the community.
Keep Supporting

Please Download all the High Quality Files from the Link Below.



Your stuffs are amazing man😀
Keep it up and rocking😉

This is really cool. You are a talented person. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

Thankyou so much.

Excellent work! all these graphics are great.

Thankyou somuch

Thank you for the awesome graphics.

^^ my pleasure

Nice work!
Thank you