Third Round of Swissness

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Zürich Hive Meeting


On Tuesday the 30th of November 2021 we had our Swiss Hive Meeting # 3 organised by @sandymeyer and me.

The meeting was attended by @acroamanic, @mangodjango, @option2-e, @b4phom3t, @clau-de-sign , @bensworld, @janaliana and @miraicastel.

I only got to this post now, since I am currently working 15h shifts including commutes at a xmas market, selling tea.


Swiss Hive Meeting

We usually clarify the language at the beginning. Favourably to suit anyones convenience. I could probably speak about Blockchain, DLT and Crypto libertarian philosophies in English, French or German and I don't think i'd ever run out of information on the topic. As I mentioned previously, I'd love for anyone else from Switzerland to join in and support our initiative, directed at community building, an introduction for newbies on hive and generally talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Focusing on Hive, I think it's also important to know the pros and cons of various consensus mechanisms and how important it is to understand a dPoS setting such as Hive when it comes to Social Media where you're NOT the product, but a part of a global community that governs itself. I'd also like to mention that Hive is very special due to it's community and history.


Very often, people tend to believe it's too good to be true and that some crypto projects are trying to lure them into some kind of pyramid Scheme. Since most have no clue how crypto really works, even if they already invested in shiba inu or heard that Ripple is the best coin to invest in through a friend, others might also think it's some ponzi scheme or some multi level marketing meeting. Honestly i'd never invest in any of the coins I just mentioned, lol. I had to basically make that point a debut to clarify this at the beginning. This is also because me and @acroamanic met at an open mic session, where we were trying to explain crypto currencies to a bunch if rappers who thought it was some fake asset they had to invest in, in order to be a part of it etc. Still, we all know how many fake projects are still out there? It was even harder for them to understand the concept of scarcity.

"She didn't understand the concept of scarcity. She thought that there was an unlimited amount of bitcoins"

There is always a fine line between enthusiasm, excitement or extra effort and simply being confident because the project can speak for itself. There is already so much build on hive and it's working. Specially when it's designed to attract individuals who understand the concept of originality and creative publication. Although accessible and designed for anyone, I think that Hive isn't made for certain people. It's reminiscent of that character in the movie the matrix named cypher. All they know, is the taste of subjective curation, being exploited or the concept of fame on regular social media mass appeal, trapped in group think ideologies. I also realised that to a lot of people, crypto isn't associated with putting in any efforts nor is it to understand what true value is when it comes to sharing an economy where we work in cooperation with one another, rather than being the handmaiden of a corporation. It's more of a getting rich fast game to them. Nothing against abundance and financial freedom for everyone. It just shows that many still have this Smithian, hermeneutic approach that can't be applied to the web3. Some are just to far in to reimagine a world where their creative work doesn't have to suit a fac*b.-k narrative.

To me honestly, I'd really love to see artists who wake up early to paint, animate, working hard all day to achieve, evolve and create cool stuff to be liberated from senseless financial obligations. In constant pursuit to buy time, exchanging it for money that doesn't give them value. I dream of a future where at least these individuals, our future relies upon have their basic running costs taken care of, so they can focus on what they truly love and also receive that freedom to express themselves in their own way. I believe we will only evolve new pathways beyond subjective narratives once such spaces are created in future DAO's, where gatekeepers are removed and the treasuries fund community efforts. .

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Mad Support

This post goes out to a true Hive promoter and someone who recently became a good new buddy of mine. His username is @kiel91 ! 50% of the Rewards for this post go out to him. We've been in touch over the phone a few times. A technician, Hive enthusiast, he had been involved in doing some Hive Promotions physically.

I think it's super awesome to be making stickers, keychains, T-shirts, hoody's etc., since it really makes people wonder what it's all about. At least i'm someone who checks out a cool sticker or a link on one, maybe a QR codes to see what it's about. @kiel91 and me have this in common. We agree that Hive could use some gorilla marketing. I can see great stuff happening in the future and we are looking to welcme anyone who wants to join the movement.

@kiel91 is from northern Germany. He recently sent me a package with keychains and stencils to make bags for our hive meeting.

2021-12-03 12.42.32.jpg

I used the stencils to make some Shopping Bag's made from GOTS certified organic cotton, manufactured in India using 100% renewable energy. They were even transported using consolidated containers and came to Zürich by rail all by @ecologitex


I took a few bags, a spray can and made some Hive Bags for our meeting.


We sold them for 5 Bucks and we will stake 3 of each in Hive Power and use it for voting for our growing community.

2021-12-07 20.01.44.jpg

Some got their Bags signed with hive usernames to promote each other.

The ZWZ Building

The meeting is held at a really vibrant building downtown Zürich City, leased out to young, fresh and openminded individuals with really creative and dynamic working spaces for Art, Dance, Fitness, Cooking, Technology etc.

Basically the perfect place for a monthly Hive Meeting.

As the venue space we usually use has to now be specially booked, we were hoping to find another space in the same building. Someone from the computer club on the 3rd floor invited us to check out their space. They also offered us to be able to hold our future hive meetings there.

The Hive Meeting was a lot of fun. Next up is a New Years Party in a beautiful valley with tipi tents, great music and food on the 31st of December. Of course at a secret location only disclosed to who has a hive account along with some great hosts and friends who will provide us with the space.

Zürich Badge

For being physically present, we award Badges on peakd, namely the Zürich Badge
and the Swissness Badge . Our vision is to expand this to other Swiss cities. This Idea is open to anyone. You can just reach out to us on Discord at the Swiss Hive Community, or get in touch with us on the Swiss Hive Community on Telegram.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes for the season.

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Hi! On the side of guerilla marketing I'm printing Hive magents. If you wish I can send a sample to you for the price of shipment.



This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this. Im in., can i pay in HBD? You can also reach out on telegram. Same as my username.

Happy to see another Swiss Hive Meet-up!

Hive when it comes to Social Media where you're NOT the product, but a part of a global community that governs itself. I'd also like to mention that Hive is very special due to it's community and history.

Great selling points for Hive

Hive Gems :)

Some are just to far in to reimagine a world where their creative work doesn't have to suit a fac*b.-k narrative.

Yeah!! What, beyond posting your vax status or cute dog pics? Sorry, that' smean. But boy Fbook is boring! The antithesis of HIVE. Good tos ee people doing the hard yards for HIVE and your enthusiasm is infectious as always.

You have a way to write that always makes me smile. Guess who infected me first ;)

Great job! 👍 It seems that you have a strong and progressive HIVE community in Switzerland.

I miss such kind of gatherings. I wish we had such kind of HIVE meet-ups in my part of the world.

Hello @cryptospa where are you located geographically? Here is took two and i think once you are a few dedicated people, you get a movement.

I live in a small city in Bulgaria.

Start the Bulgarian blockchain revolution. With a scalable graphene protocol that can process transactions, relaying blocks across a network using the fraction of the bandwidth hive is super fast the more computers connect to the network. It's such an inconspicuous gem amongst all these crypto currencies. With free transactions, rc's etc, more people should be made aware of this amazing technology.

Yay! 🤗
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Hey, I live in Switzerland, when is the next meeting?

might stop on by if I can

Hi @felander. Glad to receive comment from you. Nice of you to stop by. I met @karinxxl in zurich 2019 who mentioned you. Our next one will be at the end of jan. Scheduled for the last Tuesday of jan. Estimated 25th jan 2022. I shall confirm with a flyer and tag you. Cheers

cool, thanks, that sounds like a date I should be able to make it...
looking forward to it

Love those bags and the sound of that new center that you have as a venue. Great to see you all get together and the new years eve event sounds great, wish I lived closer.
You sure are working long hours at the moment, hopefully that means you can travel a bit this coming year and come visit some of us folk further South xxxxx

Thank you for your comment. Get this strong feeling that for us on hive, distance wont be much of a problem in the near future.

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