Infodump: baby steps into P2P ephemeral social networking

in #oln2 years ago

While having an idea for a long time, finally it's getting form: infodump is a commandline tool I'm using to work out what OLN should look like. Github Copilot is really helping me here to get over my dead points, although it still costs me a fair bit of energy to get programming.

It's being build on top of IPFS, although the general idea doesn't depend at all on it, and I might soon add an IRC backend too just because. When it works it should enable us to find each other without the need of costly advertising middle men, which enables building things like alternatives for AirBnB and Uber etc fully P2P in our own hands, person to person no company involved and open to constant innovation.

Hopefully I will have a working version up soon!


Yay! 🤗
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