Onboarding Letothehobbit to Hive!

in #onboarding2 years ago

Just a heads up to my followers on here on Hive that my good friend Monika has (finally) joined in with Hive!

Her account is @letothehobbit

Check out her intro post to read a little bit more about her. She’s super excited to join in the fun here on Hive and explore some niche communities.


She’s the most recent person I’ve onboarded.
Let’s hope she’s sticks around, as all the others I’ve brought here over the years slowly become inactive 😂 which is understandable if your heart and grind isn’t in it.
I onboarded her though the @ecency mobile app too.
Free and straight forward to use. Just how we like it.

Who the heck is LetoTheHobbit?

Monika is a friend in real life (ex-neighbour, full time friend) and has actually starred in a few music videos I’ve done over the years.




Her history of work and stories ranging from mortuaries, to body painting, self tattooing, speaking 7 languages, her deep and passionate knowledge of science, biology and psychology is to mention just a bit about her..

Oh and she’s an alternative model with a sizeable Instagram following too 👀


This lady is awesomely nuts.
She is much MUCH smarter than she looks too.
I’m sure will provide us with insightful and entertaining posts in good measure.

She just starting her journey here

I’ve given her the Hive blockchain crash course 😂 - took about 25 minutes but it was enough to get started and posting immediately through the @ecency mobile app.

Please feel free to show her some love on her posts over at @letothehobbit. Maybe you can share some tips from your own experiences from Hive in her comments?

Cheers all, let’s show her how ace Hive can be. 🙌🏻


A massive thank you man! This is so so kind of you! Also the ex neighbour, full time friend has me in stitches 😂😂😂 what a legend! Thanks for introducing me to this fabulous community!

😂 my pleasure! Plenty of geeks for you to get along with here

Good call @ashtv on getting @letothehobbit started on @ecency as it's the fastest hunk of junk on the hive blockchain with great gamification features.
I'll pop over and give her a welcome. 👏👏👍

Top man!

I’m so happy that Monika has joined! I have to admit that I’ve become slightly inactive. I hope to change that! Excellent guilt trip there Ash!

😂 guilting people is the only way to get the message across sometimes (also that wasn’t actually aimed at you)

Happy to be here! And what a dig Ash 😂

As you say, I think it depends on the lifestyle of each person, maybe that makes many not as active as other people. Awesome, I can see that you are a very interesting person and possess quite a few skills! I'm sure your posts will be very useful for the whole community, a 25 min course? Will it be enough? I think it would be enough to start with! haha

25 should be enough! 😆

However, please do visit @letothehobbit intro post and leave a comment there for her 😀

Hi! So happy to be here! And let's hope I can manage after only 25 min 😂😊


Cool. I'll go give her a welcome

Legend 🙌🏻

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