Welcoming @only1al to Hive

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I’m super pleased to introduce my pal Aaron @only1al to Hive!

This is the chap..see his intro post here


He’s a gamer, especially live streaming his gameplay on Twitch and adding that gameplay content to his YouTube channel.
I watched one recently and it was entertaining and bloody in equal measure. Hatchets and rusty-hook action. Brutal. 😂
His Pokémon and Minecraft knowledge is strong as well as his Nerf gun collection (and aim)


Aaron is the second friend I’ve recently managed to convince to get involved in Hive. Woohoo!
(Yeah, ok, two people in the last 12 months is not a great track record, but I’m trying 🤷‍♂️)
He didn’t need much nudging to join Hive though.
He’s smart.
I’ve known him a couple of years since being my neighbour. I’ve borrowed many a thing from him and his house mate until we moved house a few months ago.


He signed up through the @ecency app and all was a fairly smooth sign up process, except for some authentication email issue delays from @ecency. But great service and I’d recommend signing friends up through it.

He enjoys a drink and is usually found over at @letothehobbit house 🙌🏻

Attention gamers

I would like to invite fellow gamers to suggest communities for him to get involved with. Any ideas guys?
(I’m looking at these chaps @daltono @pusen @mazergaming @nicolcron @knowhow92 @emsonic - good communities to post in and tips for Hiving?)

That’s about it - I hope this helps @only1al!!

Cheers for reading everyone, and if you choose to help support my pals as they find their feet here on Hive, I would be very grateful as will they 😌

Be excellent to each other.


In my case I have several friends, what happens is that they always tell me that they don't have enough time to give to the community and I understand that, maybe later I will be able to convince them haha! I think it's great that you can bring more people to know HIVE and its structure, I feel that this project will last for a long time and being part of it is great.

Awesome you brought so many to the platform.
That’s true; time is a factor.
For me the @ecency app makes it so damn the easy to over see everything, reply, comment, upvote and post.

The writing a post bit is really a small part of the time spent on here 😅
They’ll catch the Hive bug one day though, and whinge when the price hits $10 and they wonder why they missed out 🤦🏻‍♂️😬

You are so right about that, since I met @ecency , things are so much easier, I feel like I save quite a bit of time commenting and voting (for example), those things make a difference because at any free moment, it's log in and go!

Thanks so much @ashtv My phone literally hasn't stopped buzzing all day 😂

Thanks for mention :)

The best community for gamers is Hive Gaming @hivegc

No worries! I know you’re a gamer and produce that kind of content. I have no idea about gaming/gaming communities in general, so your comment is very welcome.

I hope life is good man, merry Christmas!

You too :)

Every one counts! I'll go say hello.


Top man!

Always good to introduce new people. I have a few of my family that always seem interested, but then the interest fizzles out. I should push them a bit more really.

Indeed! Yeah I find that too - not sure how many of the people I’ve recruited over the years stuck around longer than 2 months 😞

But we can keep trying.

I’m hardly the greatest roll model. I usual get into a rhythm, blogging 2 or 3 times a week for a few months, then end up having a few months off.

Yo, visiting Aaron's intro post right now 👍

Hope you're all fine bro ❤️❤️❤️

Awesome. All dandy here dude!! Hope life is good for you man

Yeap, everything's more than fine man!

Hi @ashtv,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord https://discord.gg/8CVx2Am

Thanks for the upvote, as ever 😀

Wow great, welcome to hive @only1al trust me you will not regret this decision. Welcome man


Welcome to give

I just follow him up right now

Top man

Welcome to Hive my friend 😁👊

Nice one! Feel free to drop him a comment over on his intro post if you like. Cheers dude!

Welcome to hive @only1al am sure you are going to enjoy joining that you won't even find pleasure on social media again 🤣 can't wait to reading your post following you right away 🤝.

Aaron has the plague now so not lurking around my house 😭😭

You are a good man Ash!

😵 no way! Didn’t realise. Man EVERYONE I know seems to have it.
Might do a quick check to make sure I don’t 😂

Get yourself checked Mr man, it's needed sometimes, we live in the plagued world after all 😭

Off to do a LFT now. Let’s see!


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Sure! I’ll do it hen I’m next on a browser.

Thank you. Looking forward to getting your vote for our proposal 🙂⏳