OCD's Onboarding Program Compilation #145

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Authored by @macchiata

Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that will serve as a summary and status of the onboarding program. For those who are late to the party, OCD's onboarding program aims to bring more users to Hive and retain those users through the curation of posts submitted by the onboarders.

Anyone who's active in Hive is invited to apply as an OCD onboarder. Please see the details of the application process at the end of this post.

Who Onboarded Who

@intoy.bugoy onboarded @amishu

“From Dreams to Reality: My Personal Odyssey”

My age is eighteen, and I have two siblings. I am the eldest among the rest. I'm a grade 12 student about to graduate. I'm an outgoing person who enjoys interacting with others, forming new friendships, and many other things. You may be surprised to learn that I'm not very good at swimming; in fact, I detest the sport. Seafood is one of my favorite foods, but I am also allergic to it. My father is the one who taught me how to dance, and I was a majorette in my childhood.

@ciadanmea onboarded @rezchang

My not- so- perfect SELF and My endeavors in trying to be a GOOD ONE!

So I am rezchang currently living in the Philippines and pure Filipina citizen. I was born in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu but raised in the remote province of Cebu and I can say that I am purely "probinsyana". A legitimate daughter of my mother who passed away last 2016 and my father passed away year of 2019. I am 23 years young and currently studying as a GRADE 12 Senior High School student at ILIHAN INTEGRATED SCHOOL taking up a GENERAL ACADEMIC STRAND (GAS).

@intoy.bugoy onboarded @agentofchange17


Greetings everyone! I’m Riccel Melindo, delighted to share a glimpse into my journey with you. At 25 years old, I find myself reflecting on the twists and turns that have shaped my path. I am the third child among four siblings.

@jeannamazing onboarded @sandraaa

"Self Introduction: An Overview of My World" or "Disclosing the Layers: My Experience and Narrative"

Greetings to every one of you, Hivers! I hope this greeting finds you well. As a newcomer to this community, all I can say is that I'm grateful to be among the writers who come together around the same interests and aspirations. I am eager to tell you about my exciting new journey. I'm eager to introduce you to my platform.

@wittyzell onboarded @sylver.reine

My Entry to the world of blogging

I'm Andrei. Based in Osaka but a native from Cebu City.

I got invited by @wittyzell to post my technical experiences in here.

I have no experience in writing blogs so I would be glad if you can give me tips to learn from.

Some personal info about me:

@soy-laloreto onboarded @soyeve

La vida un mundo lleno de emociones . "Mi introducción" [ESP-ENG]

I hope you like my post ;but I warn you in advance that I am not a writer ,but I will do my best to create cheerful and relevant eye catching content.... My name is Evelyn but they call me: "eve".I currently live in a small corner of venezuela,in the state of Monagas very specifically in a small municipality called el Tejero. We were raised by very noble parents, fighters, and tireless who strived with their example to instill values in each of their children. I am the third daughter of five siblings that we are. We grew up in a simple environment but full of love and happiness... Sometimes we thought we lacked certain things, but as the saying goes: "We were rich and we didn't know it". There were memorable times, beautiful times and undoubtedly full of emotions. As I mentioned at the beginning; "Life is full of emotions". There will be beautiful and very happy emotions but there will also be hard times that will bring out the best in you.... But the idea is to always stay optimistic and positive surrounded by family and friends. I am currently married

@soy-laloreto onboarded @adaluna1973

Mi post introductorio en Hive,con miedos y un montón de sueños y esperanzas.[Esp/Eng]

Hello Hivers, how are you? My name is Yohana, I am Cuban and born in the province of Pinar del Rio, land of the best tobacco in the world (at least it used to be so), believe me I have taken the necessary time first of all, to read many of your presentations here in Hive, and thus find enough confidence to start off on the right foot. I should clarify that I had always used another username in Noise App, as well as in Taringa App:yoha73,but because of some novice beginner mistakes it turned out this way. I have spent my life making presentations and evaluations of myself for different areas, so today I must do it in a different way, why different you may ask? because Hive is an intense, rare and demanding planet within my own personal experiences. Almost all of us are very excited to come here, and with the same intensity intimidated by the size of the scope that our work may have, so first and foremost must come first:The desire to do it well.

@soy-laloreto onboarded @angeluxx

Un Angeluxx llegó a HIVE [Esp-Eng]

Hello, my name is Maria, I am from Venezuela, Valencia state Carabobo. I was born in the most beautiful month of the year: March. I am 15 years old and I am studying 3rd year of high school. I have the best parents in the world; my mom's name is Yolernis @cositav and my dad is Angel. My parents along with my siblings are the great treasures of my life. They are my family, my support system, and the most beautiful thing I have.

In this photo my dad, my mom, and I many years ago.


39former onboarders266

Please take note that the stats do not reflect the current state of each onboarders as of this time because we are still catching up with this compilation post. The stats will be updated in each compilation post until it becomes up to date with the onboarding initiative.

Onboarder Application

OCD's onboarding program is conceptualized to be a powerful mechanism in attracting and retaining new content creators. Since incentives are given to active onboarders, it could be a nice income generation for those who wanted to focus more in inviting new users to Hive. For more information about this program, please refer to this post.

If you want to be an onboarder, join us in OCD's Discord Server and write your application in #onboarder-application channel. Your application must contain the following:

  1. Your Hive username.
  2. The types of users you will be inviting.
  3. The reason why you want to be part of the onboarding program.

Once you've applied, there will be a vetting process. We will check your on-chain activity to make sure that you can be trusted. Once you're in, you have the capacity to make an invite link using OCD's account creation token, invite anyone you think is a good addition to Hive with a quick and no SMS required account creation, nominate the posts of your invites through a special channel for curation, and get beneficiary rewards both from the users you've invited, posts like these and more benefits in the future!

Be warned that you are responsible for your invites. Meaning, their activity reflects on how you mentor them. Any suspicious activity of your invite can be a ground for your expulsion in the program. Make sure that before they start posting in Hive, you already oriented them on the activities to avoid such as plagiarism.

Be an onboarder now!

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Hello, very grateful for @soy-laloreto, she has taught us many things and I thank her for introducing me to this wonderful world of Hive, my mother and I have learned a lot, thank you.
Happy to be here

Respect and love. Thank you so much for selectively honoring everyone's amazing skills here. Love to all present

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