Banshee attack - Book illustration

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Greetings hiveans.
I am very Sorry for being so absent these last few months but time is a finite good and I'm trying to get a hold of mine...

Lately I've been mostly occupied with work around our new (old, but newly bought ;) house. But thankfully also I've managed to get some drawing work done. Mainly portraits, but also a few book illustrations.
The one I'm sharing with you today is from a teenage oriented fantasy centered around irish mythology. The scene depicts death of one of the heroes by the hand of Banshee.



Starting with 2b pencil sketch

Then inking with sakura pigma micron 02

img_0.9944078801046036.jpg adding thicker lines with 05 pen

Finishing large black areas with pentel brush pen
And done.


I was wondering how much brutality can I fit in a teenagers fantasy book and finally decided to stick with what you see. What do you think about adding some blood and maybe more gory stuff?
Would you make it more brutal? Or maybe less?


Beautiful work! I think you probably hit the "sweet spot" for brutality given the target market. That background texture really helps frame the scene and set the proper mood.

Thank you !

I love the motion of the scene, how the banshee lifts the guy, and the reaction of the people below.

Great illustration!

Thank you for noticing all that ☺️

Shit! He lost his sword

@tipu curate

Yes, he dropped it. But he knew he stands no chance against screaming banshee

fear is the mindkiller