Gatorzila - Kaijune challenge

in #onchainartlast year

h1kgng.jpgGreetings hiveans
Was watching "the boys" last night with my wife - really hooked to this series, anyone of you watched it?
But since I always feel like wasting time when watching the TV I took this time to draw something in my sketchbook. And so another one of kaiju monsters was conceived. No relation to the show I guess :)




Had a general idea of an alligator with jaw open. In The beginning I have planned to give him multiple legs - centipede like. But during the drawing I couldn't decide how to draw this legs so finally finished with 8 of them - hope it's enough for post nuclear giant monster
Pen used - Pentel sign pen TOUCH. With flexible tip. I'll write something on topic of that pens some other time.

And done
Hope you like it :)


Dude this is great, this instantly made me think of those old-ass D&D manuals with hand-drawn illustration, pretty badass man I love it

@elfranz haha thanks a lot. Personally did not play D&D but I know their stuff is on high level when it was comes to graphics

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